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Feeling hopeless

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Hi. I am not the sort of person who normally does this. But i was feeling very depressed and i could not focus on my work due to that. I know you are all supposed to make people feel good about their life, but what if the person acknowledges that his/her life is actually fine but still doesn't want to continue it, what would you say to that person? Does anyone ever feel like that yeah its all good but what is the point really? why should i continue? It has to eventually end then why not right now?

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No-one on this site can make you happy or place your negative mood in the dustbin.

If you are depressed you need to consider what has caused your Depression or Anxiety. Then you need to ask why you feel the way you do and the best way to move onto a better place.

Many young people ask themselves is that all there is ?, whatever turns you on. Life is how you make it and the actions you take to make it work for you and those you love.

I know in my Life at sixty eight I now keep asking myself, then asking how long I have left.

Life generally as we get older runs faster and it seems to become more intensive the older we get.

Regards your life you need to cram as much in as possible, In our case we travel throughout the year and spend very little time at home dwelling on the past, We work our interests when health allows.

If you feel the problem of ending your life, ask the reasons why and consider how to divert your thoughts to a more positive enjoyable lifestyle.

You can talk to your GP and ask for assistance in making your mood more positive. Your GP can arrange a treatment plan for you to move you on. However the only person who is qualified to really help is yourself, with assistance from your new Health Professionals.


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People feel differently on different days so it doesn't make sense to me to plan your life around one day's feelings. No one is happy all the time and I don't think we are suppose to be. I believe we are here to learn and become better people. Most of us let life happen to us and are unhappy when we don't like what we end up with. Life can be hideously unfair , but in spite of that we do choose how we respond to it. I always feel things will get better and I don't want to miss out. Pam

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Stilltrying_ in reply to sweetiepye

That is good way of putting things sweetipie that people feel differently on different days and not to plan your life on that one day. I can relate to this. I was feeling suicidal and now I am not. If I had ended it then I would never have now.

Gemma x

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What I have just written in response to sweeetipie is worth considering existentalist.

Essentially what you say is correct existentialist. Though there are other things driving us mainly the survival instinct which is the main reason why even people who are suicidal find it hard to actually end their life (thank God) as we are all born to fight for survival and to continue on until our natural end even if we are in a significant amount of mental or physical pain.

Also as I'm sure you know most people are reasonably happy enough not to consider death as a welcome possibility. Suffering from depression alters this of course and so we often do consider death as a way out of the pain.

In one way it is a personal choice but in another way it isn't I feel. If we have dependents or relatives or friends who love us then we need to consider that by ending it we are hurting them immensely. I have not to meet someone whose relative committed suicide who hasn't felt immense despair and terrible lifetime grief themselves. As for dependents, I probably don't need to tell you. To lose a father or a mother in this way is immensely damaging for children as they always blame themselves and feel like they were never good enough.

I know that pondering thoughts is different from "doing the deed" and I think your thought process is one which many of us can relate to with our illnesses. Though I would concentrate on getting better and making your days better if you can. Find something you enjoy. Yes life is a bit crazy but generally we just carry on....... and do our best to get some enjoyment and health along the way.

Gemma xxx

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I feel the exact same way. Take a look at my page. When I struggle with this, its always best to focus on the present and not whats to come. Focus on what you can do at the moment. Whether its a hobby or a chore, do it. Dont think about the inevitable future. Live in the moment because if you continue to have these thoughts, you wont feel fulfilled in your final moments of life. I hope you stay safe and live life with joy because in the end, thats all that really matters.

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Reading the answers just makes me want to cry. I totally understand you

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