I need a psychiatrist?

Hello, I have problems since a long time ago. I remember that I went through a child depression to an extent that gave me anemia at the age of 8, my life has not been completely normal because I have never shown interest in anything, my whole life avoiding reality through a computer. I never received help until I entered high school and and desperately asked for help, until about half a year ago I started to go with a psychologist, I go so badly in school that I had to talk about my problems to the teachers and that's where the psychologist of the institution told me that for such a long time with therapy I should already be recovering. My question is With all my history of problems would it be better for me to go with a psychiatrist?

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  • My experiences with psychiatrists is that they are there to diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe medication .. They also compile what is called a Statement of Care in which is like a school report. They record what you say to them on your meeting and they give you phone numbers to call when you need ie: the Crisis Team number, Accident and Emergency number. When I see mine I am generally in and out within ten minutes .. I have got most of my support from my higher self .. Recovery starts from within

  • Is the same for what I've been through, the way the hospital works for my health insurance is that if you do not see it absolutely necessary don't bother to do a thorough review, instead if you go with a private doctor and more Trained you may do better

    , If you're lucky

  • Hi a psychiatrist can prescribe medication and decide what sort of treatment you need. They can refer you the necessary people.

  • Hi, I am much much older than you and have seen two psychiatrists in my life. Looking back, I was not impressed with them. They both quizzed me about my childhood and my teenage years. For me it dragged it all back up and all that information was then back in my consciousness. Then all they both did was give me anti depressants. Your GP doctor can prescribe anti depressants. If you haven't already been on anti depressants, I think you should try and see if they help. They make a massive difference to my life; without them I am agoraphobic, highly anxious, very depressed and then suicidal. So they can work. Depression is an illness, usually genetic, so it's not your fault. We just have to keep trying things until we feel better.

  • "It's not your fault" It's really what I longed for hear, thanks you so much

  • I'm so pleased I have helped you. Depression hits millions of people. even rich celebrities. I thought back to my grandparents and realised both my grandmothers suffered depression, so I realised that depression is in my DNA. Best of luck

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