New job jitters?

Hi everyone,

Just started a new job. Its sort of a startup situation. Office is real small. And I work with. Three other people whom I find very Unique to say the least. Ever since I started this job I began to have pains in my right shoulder and going down to my elbow. I can think straight as it hurts. (It so happens that the person next to me is to my left and I find this peerson to be eerily uncomfortable to sit next to. This person doesnt say a word and appears to be so unapproachable.)

I think my pain is coming from bein an EMPATH where I can absorb and feel negativity from others within the same room. I can feel the people in the job is so demotivated, negative and when they do speak its a sarcastic comment about how management did this and that. Moreso I connstantly think I have made a wrong choice in my career. But the job does pay well. My boss is quite the control freak as he trys to manage everything out of the country and he firmly states I have to get his approval on everything. (Quite stressful as I feel like I am in high school)

I have a good life in my personal side. But it seems I am lacking the motivation to do any of the things I used to love doing. Exercise and the like. I amm trying to force myself back into the rythym of things. But its not easy. What is wrong with me?

Am I depressed? Or getting there? Whats your advice? Thanks all!

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  • Channel all your efforts into an immediate job-search on the quiet. Appreciate its "only a job" & the knee-jerk reaction is often to quit. But it's a lot easier to get a job if you already have one. So keep your head down & get the CVs out! Good luck. ☘

  • I think it's stress. Can you not look for a job or look at a transfer? I think forcing small talk by finding out more about your colleagues may help as an ice breaker.

    Who, what, why, when & wheres. X

  • I don't know if it is depression. But I had a similar response to my peers and after almost 15 years, I now hate my career and don't want to go back. I quit because my husband was ill. He has since died , so now what do I do.

    So my advice to you is get another job before you have to get another career!


    PS I am also getting physical therapy for my shoulder....and though I had the problem during my career my husbands needs exacerbated my shoulder issues....If you are tense they will come right out of your sockets! shoulders are weak.....

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