Depression making me feel ao ugly

Depression making me feel ao ugly

Does anyone else struggle with this? My depression makes me feel so ugly physically. I am notlooking for compliments, i am explaining how it gets to me. I feel like people look at me a way and judge me of how I look. I want this feeling to go away. A lot of girls my age wear a lot of makeup and I dont care to put on so much to alter my appearance. It was so much easier to feel good about myself years ago. This feeling makes me feel physically sick and look depressed..

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  • The reason you feel ugly is not entirely to blame on depression. However, depression uses your own shame, guilt, fears, low self-esteem issues, low self-worth issues, to work against you.

    If you want to feel better, You need to learn to fall in love with who you are, as you are. You need to open up to your own self and tackle all issues you have that could be used against you. Why need to love yourself so depression can not use that against you.

    A therapist will make you have to do the same things.

    This NHS link helps you with tips on how to start. But remember you need to want to rid yourself of all of the issues that haunt you if you want to love yourself

  • Hi I know you are not looking for compliments but you are certainly very attractive with lovely eyes and skin. I would love to be so pretty. xxx

  • Katie, I remember you, you've been on here several times with the same issue. So I'm assuming nothing has changed. If you do nothing, nothing will change. What if you were ugly you still have a life to live and people to care about. I don't believe anyone is truly ugly unless they are inwardly ugly. Find something else about your self to concentrate on. Good looks don't last forever, what is your interest? What could Katie do ? I know there are other talents. Pam

  • Hi .katie ! We all feel like that when down in dumps ! Nothing unusual ! You can get over that at leisure ! Meanwhile, make super effort to concentrate on say feet or hands or skin? I found even at my ancient time of life, removing hairy growth even makes me look good and some cheapo skiing cream smoothed on afterwards. Simple enough ! Rimmel do some pretty good stuff and is great bargain. Above all my dear, smile ! Look at yourself in mirror and smile as you would at close friend . See that expression in your eyes change ? To God you ar beautiful ! It is what is inside yourself that counts! Not what the world sees . You are you ! Only one person in the world you are unique ! So wha ? None of like what we see in the mirror sometimes! Join the gang ! But you are still worth loving !

  • keep that smile shining bright , learn to love something about yourself everyday , beauty shine from within, you have a lovely smile , but i know how you feel when it goes in one ear and out the other side but you really have to do this for yourself a little bit at a time,each day . tell yourself every morning why and what you like about yourself write it down so you can look at it, i promise once you start to love and appreciate whats inside yourself the rest follows. take care you can do this

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