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Not coping

Hey, this is my first post in here, found you guys last night while having a bit of a panic attack.. I just feel so useless at the moment and like I am never good enough...

I am on 20mg Fluxotine and have been for a couple of months now, was on a different one and have been for years but my anxiety got really bad so my GP swapped me...

I don't know what to do to make myself happier.. I am just so fed up with always feeling so sad 😢

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Hi nice to meet you. Maybe the meds aren't the right ones for you? I had to try 2 others before I found the one I am on now. These do help me.

The main purpose of meds I think is to make you feel better and more able to tackle your issues. Are you having any counselling? This would seem to be the way to go for you.

If you don't want to go this route there is lots of self help available such as mindfulness, meditation etc. There is lots of info online about these.

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I have a GP appointment in a couple of weeks to see what I can do so hopefully he will have an idea!

I have had counselling in the past and it didn't do much but am thinking of asking the GP to refer me again, although it takes about a year to get an appointment at the moment!

I have loads of mindfulness books and I feel good while reading them but then I fall back to negative thoughts again really easily...

thank you for reading and replying, has helped me to know there are people out there... 😊

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Don't know if you may need a med review. As I'm a brain injury pat it & unstable epileptic (in addition to all the other c#ap!) I need constant reviews coz some anti-Depp's aren't compatible wi AEDs, etc. But because my mood swings can be "back of the net"(!) how about each time you say you feel useless, I tell you different? Deal? I've a couple of colleagues o follow this route with me & it often works!


I have a GP appointment in a couple of weeks, there is only one GP who I like and he is obviously the one everyone else likes too coz there is always a long wait to see him!

Telling me different sounds like a good idea! Thank you for reading and replying 😊 xx

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