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Hiya I am new and just signed up because I have been looking around online for the right help and advice regarding my depression and anxiety as I am almost too afraid to go to my doctor as i feel they don't always help. I am nearly 25 years old and had been diagnosed with depression at the age of 15 and then later along with anxiety just over a year ago. However its like I'm almost afraid to be 100% honest with them as I don't want to be judged therefore I never explain how badly I'm feeling and they usually just change my medication type or dosage and send me on my way with an appointment or repeat prescription.

Lately especially since my relationship breakdown i have been struggling in silence however my friends and family are noticin big changes especially lately where my moods have fluctuated between manic stages and depressive stages. I have been going on total mad ones especially including binge drinking sessions and over spending on unnessasry and pricey items or things i generally can't afford which is unlike my usual character, I am finding that every few days or sometimes weeks i am feeling over the moon and ecstatic but at the same time experiencing really depressed feelings, i feel a complete change in myself and not sure how tI address this correctly but know I have to as I am already jeopardising my family and friendship relationships as well as my job (yet again as might I add I have already struggled to keep a job down over the past 12 months) my medication doesn't seem to be helping and I feel as though i can't talk to my family especially about this due to having to deal with my father's illness as he suffers diabetes and kidney failure and has had 2 amputations in the past 3 years.

Please could you give me some advice

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  • Hi Katt39. I've been on real benders or spending way over the limit which doesn't endear me to family/friends! My difficulty, like you, has always been finding a Dr I can trust but ing found him I can rarely get an apt because he's so good that I usually get a Registrar who usually has no idea or is out of their depth. I'm I'd you may have to bite the bullet, find a Dr you feel you trust & then let them have boy barrels about how you feel. Then the light may appear @ the end of the tunnel but when things are affecting you family, that should be e oomph to go seek help from the right doc. But folk also the way to go.

  • Hello Katt39,

    I am so sorry for the hard time you are having.

    You recognise something isn't quite right. It sounds like you want to see your GP but are afraid to? Is it embarrassment? Shame about talking about your feelings?

    From what you have said in your post it really is important you see a GP quickly. You mustn't think they judge you by what you say, I know it is hard to open up, it really is, but it is the best way forward. If your doctor knows everything about how you are feeling and what is happening in your life, you can make a plan of treatment that will be best suited to what you need; rather than what has happened in the past, like you say in your post, they change medication or dose and send you on your way. A bit more dialogue between you and your GP may achieve a lot.

    It really is time to be honest and open up. You will feel lighter and, personally for me, I feel like I achieved something positive when I'm honest with my GP.

    In the meantime, can you try and get a walk in every day?

    Try and eat healthy, I know this is hard too when feeling rubbish.

    Maybe keep a log of how you are feeling, it doesn't have to be everyday. I find helpful.

    Best wishes 💗

  • It might help if you take a friend or family member with you to the appointment and write down what you want to say before you go in. That way if you miss something out they would be able to tell the doctor on your behalf.

    If it's affecting work it might be a good idea to chat to occupational health or your boss so that they can help you plan. For example they might let you change the hours you work for a few weeks until you get new meds, or perhaps give you extra support/more flexibility with your role. I have found that employers normally listen as long as it was declared when you took the job but even if not it would help if you feel that you can be honest smith them.

    I hope you find your moods settle soon

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