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Hi I've just joined today, I suffer with depression and anxiety and I last saw my doctor in January and haven't been back since, I just felt as if she didn't understand. I know I should go and see her but I find very difficult to leave the house and I'm petrified that I'll be in trouble as I haven't seen her in a while. I really need some advice please. Thank you

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  • Welcome Harv

    There is no reason to think you will be in trouble when your GP sees you, it is possible if She thought you needed Help in Jan she may be concerned when you arrive on the surgery step.

    Stop worrying, see your GP, make a list of your concerns and give that to your Doctor, you then can discuss all salient points


  • I just hope she understands how hard it has been for me to leave the house, I feel so awful when I do. I don't want her to think I'm being lazy, the fear always gets too much and I end up being too afraid to go.

  • She will not understand if you do not tell Her. Your condition Agoraphobia is treatable. She can only treat you if She knows what is going on.

    Look on the visit to the surgery as the first day of getting better, you have started the way to being well and happy


  • Thank you so much bob, I will see her this week. Thank you for replying, it means alot

  • I was in the Philippines a year or so ago and saw an advertising sign outside a two story building, advertising the tenants. The ground floor hosted a Tooth Doc, and the second floor a Doc Doc. Honestly! So my point is there are doctors and doctors. You have to feel at ease with your future helper, whether seeing him or her for medication or for talking therapy. So my advice is make contact with a new counsellor who specialises in helping those with depression. Start afresh. Make your plan and I wish you a good nights sleep!

  • Thank you so much for your reply. Wish you a good night too.

  • Doctors see so many people. I wouldn't worry about 'being in trouble'. There is never cause to feel that way. You do have to be honest about all the things you feel though. If you found it difficult with that doctor request another one in the practise. It's within your right to find someone you can be comfortable with. I spent years with different doctors until found the right one, then I moved. I'm at that 'no energy to register' phase. So you are doing a lot better than me :) You could also try requesting a telephone appointment and you can explain your agoraphobia though it is easier to speak in person. If you need to cry in a doctors office it is a safe place. I know a lot of us have done it. I hope that's helpful! x

  • Thank you

  • Ask her to refer you to your local mental health assessment team.

  • One of the major reason people relapse is because they are unhappy with their treatment plan at the time. Many people do in fact give up completely(big mistake) and some go as far as to convince themselves that the experience means medication is not for them, which is untrue in most cases.

    If your doctor does not listen to you, why do you want to go back to see her? Please find yourself a better doctor, one that will in fact listen to you and involve you in the decision-making process. That is essential as studies show that patient involvement is a major component of quality of care.

    Oh, and when you find a new doctor, work together with the doctor to make sure your treatment plan works for you and in fact improves your quality of life. That said, your fears are unfounded, and I know you know that. I am guessing you are an adult and so there is no reason for you to let yet more irrational fears keep you from renewing your life. So, go out there and find a new doctor and forget what the other one thinks of you. It won't ever matter cause you are again, you own person.

  • Hello. Have you checked online if you can self refer for therapy? I have done that before. I have had bad experiences with gps, they don't seem to care as I look well and am slim ish.

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