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Need some Advice, please.


Hi, I have just found out that my daughter was diagnosed with depression nearly two years ago and has just told her mother and me about it. she has been trying to cope with it on her own and doesn't want anyone to know about it. Apart from feeling upset that she didn't feel able to tell us sooner, I haven't got a clue what to do to help her. My instinct wants to help her get better, but I have no experience in this area at all, I haven't seen a doctor in years myself. How can I help her? Or should I just leave her to sort it on her own? She is aged 23 and studying at uni. Thank you for any advice.

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First of all, do not let your daughter cope with it on her own. She won't be able to, depression is very serious and as a victim of depression I never got any support from my family or friends because I never told them about what I was going through and it was harder than expected to the point where I felt so lonely and unworthy I wanted to Commit suicide. So support your daughter make sure she feels loved. Depression doesn't just go away, so go and see a doctor with her it will make things 1000 times better if she gets medication. And it is not a big deal, doctors are nice and they want the best for you. If she has really close friends she should let them know she's depressed, they'll support her on every step and make things easier for her. Most importantly if she comes across upset don't blame it on her "attitude" or say she's "looking for attention" because she really isn't trying to.

Thanks for that. She was given medication when first diagnosed but either didn't take it or stopped taking it because she felt she could cope on her own. She also doesn't want her friends to know, she is worried they will change how they think of her. I know we will support her and always be there for her but I wonder how to go about finding therapy to help her with this or any other practical things we can do to help her?

Hi there you sound like a lovely kind caring Dad, and the fact that you

Wrote this Post says a lot about you. At 23 your daughter is an adult,

But could you ask her to come on to this site for help and support,

As we have lots of young people here.

She will have to comply with her Dr. About taking Meds. As chopping and changing will get her nowhere. I feel you are on the right path. Continue to support her but also encourage her to

Drive her treatment and recovery, as we all have to be responsible

For our own mental health.

I do understand her reluctance to tell her friends, as you do need

To be selective and careful about who you tell, as losing a friend or

Friends could make her feel worse. In saying this she should not

Feel in any way ashamed about being Depressed, as it's very treatable.

Your daughter should ask her GO to refer her for a suitable therapy. But I think she should drive this otherwise she will not be able to

Cope with the normal troubles that you and I know life can throw

At us, a curve ball.

Good luck and let us know how your getting on



Hi I agree with Hannah. Encourage her to seek treatment and let her know you love her and are there for her every step of the way.

Why don't you google depression on here, NHS sites and other reputable ones to learn more about it? There is plenty of information out there.

You do sound like a loving dad and she is lucky to have you. x


Oh just thought - why not see if she will come in here herself? We would do our best to support and help her as unfortunately we do understand depression all too well. x

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