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A little support please


Hi everyone,

I'm feeling really rubbish at the moment. I've recently changed my meds onto sertraline 100mg and I'm wondering if I need to up the dose. My only hesitation is that me and my husband are trying for a baby. Can anyone give me any advice on this please?

My motivation is at rock bottom, I'm just beating myself up as I'm not being productive at all, I'm doing absolutely nothing. I'm off work on holiday, finished on Friday, when I'm at work I'm productive. But at home I just seen to go into a depressed state, any advice?

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Hi it will take up to around 5 weeks for the new dose to get into your system so please be patient.

As for whether they are safe if you are trying for a baby you need to check with your doctor as we can't tell you that. I have heard that Prozac is generally used in your situation but like I said ask your doctor.

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Thank you. My doctor knows I'm trying, to conceive and I've been moved onto sertraline as it is 'safer' than what I was on before

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Take advice regards your medication, sometimes it can be best to hold back on these medications in this sort of situation

Talk to your Doctor He will know your situation better than here and will advise you the best way forward.

Good Luck


If you are feeling like this .. Is it a good idea to bring a baby into the equation ?

I don't find that a very helpful comment. Depression doesn't rule my life, and I will not let it either.

I'm sure there are plenty of people with depression who have children (I already have a 13 and 9 yr old). And that was what one of my questions was aimed at, asking people who've been in my situation before.

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