Life seems to be in 'pause' mode

Does anyone else, whom suffers from depression or any related disorder, feel as if their life is 'paused'? It's like that typical way with depression where I cannot leave my bed, room or house. I physically and mentally cannot go outside, i feel as if i am glued to my bed. All i want to do is lie down, i can't seem to do anything else. I try and try, i want to be able to do things, but i can't. Even when i believe i can, i just can't. My brain even feels as if it is in pause mode. Everyone else is all excited, lively and motivated while I am just not. It's such a strange and awful sensation being depressed, having an illness of the brain. It's as if there is a forcefield around me and I am not able to go certain distances, physically and mentally. I am stuck/glued to my bed, even if I manage to go elsewhere I can only manage for a short period of time and when I get back I am so exhausted and my head feels so heavy. Does anyone else have this 'heavy' or 'weighty' sensation in their head/skull? Sometimes my whole body feels this way. This is why it is SO difficult to stick to a routine because routines are exhausting and I constantly question the point in doing the same things every day. I become so frustrated when I am pushed to leave the house or do anything outwith my comfort zone. I have all these voices inside of my head already and then the voices of other people bombarding my thoughts at the same time... i just can't handle it anymore. This is why I cannot be around people for very long. I just wish healthy-brained people could experience what we experience just enough so that they have an understanding. This life just isn't for me.

P.S. I understand people's concerns but please stop asking me if I have seen a doctor etc etc. I have put in so much effort to getting myself onto a waiting list and making sure I get the correct therapy for myself. I have been to my GP, received CBT in two different areas by two different counsellors, I am currently on a waiting list to see the ONLY psychologist on the island, and will also possibly be trying a different type of treatment with a new counsellor as my old one has moved away. If anyone has any psychiatric remedies, advice or certain therapies which have worked for them then please don't hesitate to reply. Or anything else really. Just need someone who is open-minded and understanding.

Peace and Love

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  • Yes I am not ambitious and drag myself to work, currently off with sickness and bereavement.

  • I'm so sorry ♥️ daily life is difficult, survival is hard enough and then trying to find a meaning for all of it is near impossible.

  • I used to feel the same -- but exercising and meditation has helped a great deal.

    It all didn't come easy. I was not at all motivated to get up, go out for a walk. But I started with just 10 min/day ... I felt depressed when walking initially but after done walking - it felt good so I continued again and again... the blood circulation throughout the body and brain helps clear out negative depressive thinking. Try it.

  • They both seem like great remedies - i'm sort of the same they are the only things which seem to help in some way but I have to keep it consistent. Hope you are well X

  • We are told to ask about the medical help a poster has had so far. We can't diagnose or prescribe to you. Only share experiences. No one is trying to annoy you. Pam

  • I've felt like this for the last 2 months and it's been brutal. Looking for advice/help too but hope it helps to know you're not alone.

  • Thank you ♥️

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