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Re HU Admin

Just a courtesy post to those who showed interest in posts indicating the country of origin. HU have replied saying that they will perhaps institute encouragement to HU members to enter their country in their profile , as so few do at the moment. They also say it is possible it could be made a condition of posting that the country of origin of a post is stated and displayed in the post heading.

No decision on this has been made.

For those not familiar with this issue I expressed some annoyance that having spent a lot of time replying to posts, some of the help I tried to give was partially or totally irrelevant if the poster was not in the UK.


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what if you dont want to say where you live? will you have to leave the site?


Personally I have no idea. I would n't think so, I just made a suggestion which i thought would directly benefit people replying and indirectly people who have posted.

As hopefully we are all anonymous I find it difficult to imagine why anyone would n't want to give their country of origin, but then I'm not a North Korean.

I'm just an ordinary member. Olderal


well i dont know they would have internet in north korea.

if you think about it a bit more carefully there could be reasons why some people dont wont to say where there from.

i would think HU would have given it a lot of thought and let members have the choice.

i think having to put your race is a bit ofputing.

but thats just my opinion.


If people are worried about stating their country for privacy reasons, then if you lock your post when you put it up no one on the web will see more than the first 2/3 lines.. If you don't then the post and all the replies can appear anywhere on the net and can be viewed in full by anyone who comes across it. To do this click on 'community only' when you post. The default button is set to 'everyone' by HU. Maybe they could change this?

Most longer term members do this anyway for their privacy (and others) but a few never do. Mentioning no names :) I think many aren't aware of this.

I would rather HU changed their software so if anyone puts in a date of birth showing them to be younger than 16 it would immediately be rejected. Of course youngsters could lie but it would cut out quite a lot of them.


i dont think automatic rejecting someone becouse of there age is the best of things you can do ( if its that what you meen ) ofcouse there has to be an age limit, i think 16 is still to young for this site, 18 or over might be better.

i hate to think of any one who needed help and to talk to someone just cut off. wouldnt it be likely they would post again and lie on there age.

would it not be better if these posts where to be automaticly directed to someone who knows how to handle them best and can advise them.


There is. If you just report it to admin they ensure the person is ok and redirect them towards age appropriate sites where they will be a lot safer than on an adult site. If you look at the pinned posts too under underage users there is an explanation and a link to other sites for minors.

I agree that even 16 is too young for here and wish it was raised to 18.


i am sorry if i missread your post, i thought you ment that if someone put there age at 15 or 14 or even younger, then there post would be rejected immediately without it showing up on this site. and you hoped that HU could do this.

what i was saying is that it was better to let them post at any age but HU would redirect the post before it was put on this site. then there be no need to report them as it would get on here.

on the post of what country your from, for me its not about locking your posts.

how would members react if you asked them to put what race they are? is it not the same thing as what country your from.


To be honest on my other site I do ask if they are from another country now On occasions I do say where our sites are located.

Many contributors on not only this site, also others come from some very diverse locations and as long as we answer in general terms that should be it.

America has been having problems with their Health Service, that may be one problem although the system is being changed that could have caused an increase of calls from the USA.

Other countries in the Far East seem to call quite often on my other site so I would imagine the same here. If some changes of policy on this site need to be taken, that will be up to Shaws and Healthunlocked. Personally learning new things from various countries gives me more inclusive understanding of other places, and how their systems work


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