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Can admins remove people?

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Someone is commenting rude, nasty and disgusting things on my post is there someone I can message to get him removed? Plz and thank you. His messages are rlly upsetting me.

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Hi, try clicking on the footer (very bottom of page), and it expands to show a “contact us” option. I hope that helps! x

thank you! He was making rlly rude and sick comments towards me and was making me feel rlly uncomfortable. I’ll go contact an admin now thanks again! :)

There is a mute button you can use.

Where is it? I can’t see it? 🙂

I'm trying to locate it for you. I thought it's under a persons response to you. But I'm playing around with it and don't see it.

I'm trying to get an answer for you

Ok thank you! 😊 Cause it would be great if I could mute him. his comments on my post were completely unnecessary! 😕

I understand

Put up a post and ask how to mute someone

You may get a quicker answer. I'm struggling trying to find it. I know it's here somewhere

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Dolphin14 in reply to Dolphin14

Ok I see the option in the pm area not on the open forum

So maybe it can't be done from this side only pm side

That’s ok thanks for your help I ended up reporting his comment so I hope that does something 😇

I hope so. Sorry that happened to you. It is upsetting when it does

Take care of yourself

Thanks again! you too! xx

If you look at the bottom of the person's post there are a number of options.Click on report which is the one on the right to report inappropriate behaviour.Hope you get it sorted.

Thank you I reported him. I wish there was a way I could get him removed from the group though he said some rlly disgusting things to me and I don’t want him to do that to anyone else.

Well see what happens now.Let's hope it gets quickly resolved.

Hello Peachy

All ok now


Hi! I think so he isn’t commenting anymore and I reported him. But his comments were rlly sick and disgusting for someone of his age to make towards a minor. It made me rlly uncomfortable and grossed out.


As long as you are ok now, just try and move on. Always here to help if needed



Seems like that person has serious mental health issues him/herself. I don't judge people like that I just boot them off the thread or stay away from them in everyday life.

I think so too. What he said to me was rlly uncalled for. 😔

Hi PeachyBlossom.

I had a similar thing happen to me, but Admin took care of it for me. It was on another Forum, not this one.

Haven't heard off him since,thank goodness.

Forget about him now, that's the best thing to do..

Take Care and Stay Safe 👍😊

Dear PeachyBlossom,

Sorry, have only just seen you question.

Please try not to worry as they can be removed with a simple click, I am so sorry this happened to you, and sincerely hope with the support of this group you will over time get

this horrible person and their comments out of the way.

Please trust Admin as they will get on to this immediately if not already sorted it out.

Bless you, stay strong if you are able as people are here for you xxx

Thank you!

I reported his comments and I think an admin has removed him now. xx

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