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Buenas Noches! Newbie's HU Test

Olá everybody! This is a test to see how HU works. (I have just realized that I posted my first message in the wrong place. Let's see if I can track it down and delete it)

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Yes I found the post and figured out how to delete it.


Hello and welcome. I'm glad you are using the site.

Basically it's peer support. So you post your thoughts etc and get advice and replies from lots of people. It's a good way to communicate and connect.

You can also messsge people privately. There is some guidelines for the site in the pinned posts as well as helpful information on related topics.

I hope you can get involved and the site is a support to you.

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Thanks DMM218. I am glad that this site gives you the option to keep your posts somewhat private.


Hello Ganymede

Welcome to this site, How can we help



hi bOb, thanks for you message. I don't know whether I'll stick around or not. After all I don't think this is the right site for me. Buenas noches!


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