Struggling with being down more often than not

I'm new here..

I'm not quite sure what to do, I haven't seen anyone so would feel a fake to class myself as depressed as it's not been diagnosed officially and I know people hate those who self diagnose.

But some days or maybe more nights can be so hard. I'm kind of sick of feeling alright for a couple days then WAM nope you're still worthless and too clingy. I would like my boyfriend to help but I feel like I don't know what to say or ask, instead I'm short with him and there is tension because I want him to KNOW what to say or what I think he should say or do without me having to tell him, I know he's not a mind reader but if I tell him I'm feeling down via text maybe he could call me and check I'm okay? But at the same time I don't want to be a hassle or a massive burden.

Some days I feel like it wouldn't matter if I wasn't here. Like no one would really care?


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  • Hi this does sound like depression to me. There are depression tests online so why not do a few to give you a guide? If you feel you are depressed then see your doctor as meds and/or counselling should be able to help.

    Or if you prefer the self help route there are online courses you can do but you will have to pay. Also have a look at mindfulness, meditation etc. Take care.

  • Hi Emma,

    Do you know why you feel down? What else is going on in your life that could make you feel so alone?

  • Hi, Emma95

    I am new here myself but I read your message and could see myself in it at several places. I have a boyfriend myseld but what makes it all more complicated is we're in a long distance relationship. And yes, guys can' read minds. However, I realised that even though you might feel like you're a burden, very often they just want to help but don't know how. If you articulate what you need, how you need him to support and help you, he will. He clearly cares about you and wouldn't be with you if you weren't important to him, so share your feelings and needs. The better he knows the easier it is for him to know how to react. I had to tell my boyfriend I want him to call me when I show signs of being down or on low moods and now he does, he remembered because he cares about my wellbeing and I am sure your boyfriend cares deeply about you.

    This might sound very standard but do take the time to sit down and talk, listen to each other and share your concerns and emotions. It helped me a lot.

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