Running on empty

I can definitely relate with most of you. I love to sleep so guess that makes me a bedhugger. Its my only escape. Opening my eyes each morning fills me with dread just thinking of the pending jobs, errands, tasks, duties, obligations, etc. Always lists that never really gets done because for every step forward, there are 2 or 3 back. Its like trying to nail jello to the wall. Perhaps just exhaustion. Sure could use a vacation from ALL responsibilities for about a week or two. Sounds heavenly. Not realistic though... can't just disappear without major ripples on all aspects of my life.....SIGH!!

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  • Hi Matterovermind

    Welcome to our Community.

    Sounds like you have just read the classic symptoms of depression. Well done for taking the first steps to getting help.If you've been like this awhile, maybe now you've taken this step forward, you can get a diagnosis. It may be a good start to read through the resources here and see if anything rings a bell with you.

    Take care now


  • i dread going to bed i tend to have a lot of dreams ( not good ) and wake up early, then have to either get out of bed for work or don't really want to get out when im off, i find it hard facing the day work is awful at the moment because of the way i feel but im scared of adding financial woes to my depression, ive been there before and it made my state of mind even worst , you could just be exhausted sounds like you feel overloaded i do tend to write everything down it takes it off my mind and onto the paper and easier to deal with .

  • Hi, my name is MsBobby and believe me, I know exactly what you mean. I recently resigned from my job due to illness and because of which, I have tons of problems, issues, a tremendous amount of responsibilities and obligations; and it's driving me crazy!

    I REALLY, really, need to breathe. I wish that I could just totally run away from my life! it's gotten to the point where I hate getting out of bed in the morning! I hate having a home telephone because every time that it rings, it's simply just a new responsibility or obligation for me to fulfill.

    And I don't have any help, true friends or a support system. I can't even be sick and recuperate in peace.

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