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Phone interview! Help!

So.. I decided to be brave and look at jobs. I found one that is reasonably good and decided to apply. I applied an hour or so ago and they've just emailed me requesting a phone interview on Monday!!

I have no idea what a phone interview is or what i'll need to do to prepare for it. I never even imagined this would happen - interviews are bad enough, let alone a phone one when i'm scared of answering my phone!

Please can you give me some advice on what this is/ what to expect and how on earth i can try to calm down. I'm going to be watching my phone like a hawk now.

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Hi MaisyMay,

First of all well done on getting an interview phone or otherwise. - no really well done. The phone interviews I have had were a bit strange - in an interview you expect to be able to see the other person - but on the plus side the person doing the interview will be in the same boat - perhaps a little more practice than you

next - if you can take the phone to near you favourite chair / spot to sit - may as well be comfortable

before sitting down - bathroom break nerves and all you do not want to be in need of a comfort break in the middle of the interview

After sitting down -reflect on the fact that You applied and they got back to you to get a phone interview - just think about that for a moment - they want to interview you.

Make a quick list of questions that you want them to answer / and a list of the points you want to get across in the interview - its a bit easier sat in your own home to have a list of questions / points to get across

A nice reward set to one side for after the interview -which ever way it goes , you have done well to get the interview so reward yourself for that

As to how to calm down - not the best person to ask about that on most days and today i have had sooooo much coffee.

Hope this helps a little


Well there you are Maisiemay , one application and they are on to you !! Just relax , they'll just talk to you on the phone. You don't have to do any preparation , they'll ask the questions, you'll be sitting comfortably and just give them honest answers. They'll probably want to know how old you are, how close you live to their workplace, and what you did before. They'll probably ask if you have any questions so make sure you have something ready . Ask about the hourly rate, whether they have a canteen, what time do you start in the morning, how many hours they want you for, but don't ask all these one or two will do.

Well done for applying and if you don't get this one its probably because you're the wrong age ,or you've got the wrong experience. No worries, you don't want a job where you don't fit the job and if you fit it you'll probably get it. Keep an eye on that phone, you don't want it wandering off just as you're expecting an important phone call.


remeber that your a good person and just as good as the best of us and well done i wish you lots of luck. love grace xoxoxo


Hi maiseymay, at least you don't have to dress up smart and put make up on! You can just wear your pjs! Seriously though write things down so you don't forget anything..and the best of luck, you can do it! xx

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