Can't stop feeling so hurt I just need someone to call friend someone to trust

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  • Will I do ? I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I do have are very good friends .. What are you looking for, someone to talk to, advice., all of the above? There are many people here who know how to be helpful and supportive. Let us know what you need. I feel something must have happened to upset you. Would you like to tell us about it? Pam

  • Thank you sweetiepye I just feel so alone I want to someone I can trust someone who won't use me. Someone to go shopping with when I have money lol have a chat and glass of wine with!

    Someone to call friend x x x

  • We all need others in our lives , and there are many different kinds of friendships.

  • I know you do Doneanddusted and that friend will come into your life soon, I'm sure {{{hugs}}}


  • I am sure there are multiple likely candidates skulking here.

    If you ever need a patient and impartial ear, feel free to message me. I'm pretty good at the listening thing.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.


    P.S. I need little encouragement for a glass/bottle/gallon of wine.

  • You have friends on here.

  • Yes I do have friends on here thank you everyone x

  • I'm so very sorry you felt so hurt and your not alone I'm nicola.and have experienced exactly the emotions you are having. It is awfull I felt this way sad alone and cried for months. Please don't think nobody cares I do I will be your friend a trusted one.here if you need to talk.milloholly.xx

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