Need information about Depression & Bipolar ?

Hi, Everyone I just want to get information, if when someone get first diagnosis bipolar and depression then what do someone can? Get start medication or require to hospitalization ?

Why people require hospitalization when bipolar diagnosis ?

What causes of require to hospitalization ? Panic Anxiety or Medication problem?

Please respond as soon as possible


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  • Hi if you get any medical diagnosis then you should be put straight onto meds so the illness can be controlled. Counselling might also be an option.

    Being hospitalised is usually a last resort and is generally only when either the patient is a danger to themselves (ie suicidal) or to others. It is not an automatic response to any mental health illness x

  • Hi Coughalot thank you for reply.

    I thoughts that it is automatic being in hospitalized with no reason or I guess it's automatic thoughts suicidal or not ?

    I was depressed hopeless then changed feels normal and now i have experience anxiety and OCD thoughts example I am always worry about Am bipolar or not ? And I always worry about am being in hospitalized it's automatic coming? So what's wrong with me?

  • Stop worrying. They are very slow to put anyone in hospital these days and if they try to you can say no. It's only if you are being sectioned (which is relatively rare) that you can't say no, but they only do this if you are a clear danger to yourself or to others. Are you? If not then don't worry. I presume you are in the UK? I don't know about other countries policies.

    Suicidal thoughts are not a reason to be in hospital - but only if you try and carry them out. Even then you probably would just get care in the community and not hospital.

    You need to go back to your doctors and tell them how you are feeling. From what you have said there is no danger of being in a hospital. If they put everyone in because of suicidal thoughts, anxiety or OCD they would be overflowing. x

  • Hi I am suffering from depression badly and just wondering if any one else is in the same boat as

  • Hi Help45

    Could you please start your very own post and tell us a little bit more about your symptoms and how you are feeling? (Just click onto the Green "Write A Post"...

    That way people will respond to what YOU are asking for. I am sure many would be glad to respond... you will find a lot 'in the same boat' and people DO care... you take good care now, too. Best wishes.

  • My symptoms are. Crying dizzy hot n cold stomach churning legs like jelly and just scared of everything feeling hate towards my self I am asking for help off my family but there don't want to no I took a over does 5 month ago and there hate me now I carnt go on I just wanf to die I really do some one help me please

  • Your first port of call is your GP, they will decide if medications are required and if you would benefit from CBT. With medication they may put you on antidepressants for say six months. If possible with agreement with your GP and Specialist you may be taken of your medication, this will depend on the cause and effect of your mental health condition.

    The chances that you would be introduced to a mental health hospital are very slight as most treatment plans are treated as an outpatient, with a course of treatment with a CPN. possibly at home.

    Of course if you are at risk the goal posts can move and if you try suicide, and they feel no assurances are given by you not to try again, welcome to the wards I suppose.

    Sometimes if your condition is Bipolar with rapid mood changes they may need to settle you down and calm your mood, .

    Most patients may take medications for a short period of time. Others may have relapses and take medications several times in their life. The third group of patients may need medication for the rest of their life.

    As a new patient you would need to proceed down a very long road before you would be sectioned and admitted. Do not worry


  • Hi kemnite,

    Do you feel comfortable talking with your dr about these worries? I hope you do... because if you are worried about being hospitalized your have a RIGHT to know why.... Being put on medication for either depression or bi polar is not common nor routine...

    Sometimes, if I am extra worried about something, I will have a tendency to forget to ask the dr all the questions I WRITE IT might do this... Just make sure you read the whole list to him! (you deserve answers!) :) Good luck to you.

  • There are a lot of medical problems that can lead to low mood and anxiety. These include thyroid and various vitamin deficiencies (which may be due to absorption problems in the gut rather than a lack in the diet). If you haven't spoken to your GP then I would strongly recommend that you do as there are serious consequences to leaving some of these conditions untreated.

    (Note: also true that it can be difficult to get a proper diagnosis with some of problems as test results may not be specific enough)

    Bipolar is one form of depression that sometimes requires hospitalisation because the effect on mood is so extreme that people may become a danger to themselves and to others. Admittance is probably more likely to be a factor during the mania face rather than the depression phase.

    Thoughts of suicide or death are quite common during depression and anxiety. The way I understand this involves understanding a bit about one of the things that frequently goes wrong during depression and anxiety. The area of the brain that deals with fear is very primitive and has not really moved on from the days when we lived in caves and it was a question of 'fight or flight'. Basically it sends you an image of the danger you are facing. Good if you need to run away from a bear but if the problem is stress it isn't so good. The warning is a general one about death in one form or another and that can actually make you more stressed and hence more thoughts of death in an ever increasing cycle. One way of dealing with it is to 'reframe' your response to the thought of death - it isn't that you want to kill yourself - just that that is your brain's sledgehammer way of telling you that you are stressed and need to move away from the situation you are in and find something that relaxes you.

  • Gambit I know this post is five days old now but I have just read your reply and can I say it has helped me a little. I am feeling so desperate and low and have a mixture of physical and psychological pain. You may recognise me of old being on here; I haven't been on for some time partly because I just feel there are too many people in too much need and I find it overwhelming and also because to be honest me just going on about my own desperate need is adding to that number. However I just wanted to say that your comments about death make sense to me. I think I just feel completely overwhelmed and unable to cope, I think of suicide as a way out of the pain (which it would be if there were some humane way they could do it for you but this isn't allowed in this country); you are right though. I don't want to kill myself. I need to move away somehow from my situation. Thinking of suicide is a natural reaction to trying to think a way out of the pain but it is a very final one and I for one am not prepared to try it when it could fail.

    I am starting again tomorrow with a "step by step" approach. I do feel I've got personality difficulties though not has been pertained to me by the medical professions. I think that I just can't self promote enough and tend to be reactive rather than proactive; I respond to others rather than stake my claim if that makes any sense? The physical pain is a a mindfield as it's been going on for years ; it is pain in my neck, back and to a certain extent my leg; I do everything I can to try and keep it under control; I find stretching and exercising can help. I even go to extremes of cycling up to 15 miles to get the endorphins going to try and overcome some of the pain. I can't begin to explain how bad things are; I won't even post up on a main post because I don't think anyone would respond which would be less dissapointing than tagging it on to the end of another one when I don't expect anyone will respond anyway.

    Apologies though to the original poster as I have hijacked their post a little. I do find it helps me a little to read some of the posts on here to know there are people feeling as bad as i am. Hope that doesn't sound selfish; i am just being honest. I try and find anything that can help at all to try and keep going.

    Gemma x

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