hi am Maria am 45 married with one daughter . Ive had depression from my teens there is alot of things that caused it and others I don't know am also bipolar that has not been diagnosed yet but have all the signs and more . I feel am at a lost is there really a way bk or is this it you get lumped with it end off am feeling Angry really angry and feel its best for me to stay away from every one.

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  • Hi Maria

    I read your post thinking thats so like me, I have anxiety, with depression coming with that, One of the ways I cope is by looking after myself and having me only time, which Ive only just managed to realise how important that is. Have you spoken to your doctor? So many people suffer in silence because they just dont know how to deal with it x I could so write a book on this subject.

  • hi thank you yes ive been Drs and quiet a few meds . I know i need me time but I don't know how to do it am not interested in any thing i feel like everything's a chore so ive got no go in me I stay most of the time upstairs I look at the clock and think oh no I got to go down stairs . My daughter is ASD. ADHD I just don't know what and how to feel .thanku very much for ur reply . If u reply bk I will get it wen am bk from church just started going my daughter likes the Sunday school side but to be honest I find am making excuses to go. Have a good day hunnie Maria x

  • not to go that should say ..

  • Maria

    The worst thing you can do is move away from interacting with Society in general. It is important your life follows a positive pathway, that will help you enter into a meaningful relationship with your Peers

    You could try and address those problems that happened in your youth, to do that can bring an amount of closure to your worries fears and past attitudes. You need closure and that helps to move on through your adult life. Stop looking at all things negative and try and give your life a positive meaning to it

    Sometimes understanding the problem can make you ripe for change, I managed to make big changes in my life and that helped me begin and enter a more happy, calm life. It may be hard and unsettling in the beginning, it is the final key to a new beginning that makes the difference

    Whatever you decide make it right with you, you are not doing it for others it is for yourself, eventually people around you will see the diffeence and applaud the change


  • thank you Bob things are alot easier said than done. Its impossible to have closer . But I will listen to what your saying thank you

  • Maria

    Nothing is ever easy and I know from experience how difficult old baggage is to get rid of.

    Be kind and understanding to yourself, eventually you will see the end of the tunnel


  • I'm Zoe , I've had depression since having my second daughter 15 years ago, as the years go on I feel as if I'm getting worse bipolar sounds familiar but nobody seems to help , I've been on different tablets I'm on Prozac just now any advice x

  • hi hunnie you might be on the wrong ones for u . Bipolar disorder has to be diagnosed by hospital. Am ready for a change on my tablets am on the max dose of 200mg sertraline don't be afraid to speak out chick xx

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