Hello Out there!

Well, scary but true, this is my first post and it does feel good. I was diagnosed with Depression 5 years ago whilst pregnant with my second child. I've had a couple of different types of counselling and am on medication. Had a bit of a bad spell recently and am wondering does anyone else find it hard to recognise when one is coming on? Recognising the signs earlier on is something I really want to work on. I'm really lucky that I have a fab hubby who has taken the kiddies out today so l can relax and join this! Looking forward to hearing from you, all the very best.

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  • i definitely buried my head in the sand and ignored what was going on around me until i couldn't ignore it anymore. i have started writing down how i' feeling so I can track it. It has helped

  • Thank you for your reply. I was wondering whether that would be worth a shot! Also perhaps marks out of 10 for the day and why that was etc and what made it a good day or a hard day?

  • Each day when I write in my journal I score myself for Mood. if its say 3 out of 10 or a low score then I take action, but the thing is to watch out for things like.

    Not eating properly

    Not sleeping

    Becoming withdrawn or isolated.

    Rumination over negative things.

    Not answering the phone.

    These are some of things I personally watch for, everyone is different, but keep a little quick log. Mood . Is it Good Fair or Bad ? Dont make it too complcated.

    Maybe you could ask your husband to tell you when he thinks you are going downhill.

    Good luck

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah, brilliant advice, much appreciated. Can't believe l left it this long to do this! Live and learn hey x

  • Hi Tigertigs, dont be too hard on yourself, I have to constantly keep an eye on myself, I guess it comes with the territory. Glad you got some help, any time, ask for advice and I am sure you will get everyones threepence halfpenny worth. I think this is a great forum. I am so glad I happened across it.


    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah x

  • Hi Tigertigs and welcome to this great community. That's a really positive step you're taking to identify the warning signs.

    I agree with Scooby and Hannah. For me it's mostly around negative thoughts. Identifying what's real and what is an over reaction without any foundation. Keeping a thought diary and using the techniques I picked up during my CBT helps me here.

    Having said all of this, sometimes even when I spot the signs, being in a frame of mind where I can stop the rot is just that step to far for me to take. Other times, when I'm strong it's a case of saying to anxiety and depression "no you don't, not today my old friend!".

    Take care.

    Sue xx

  • Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your message, great to get chatting! I bought a notebook today and have started to record how I'm feeling during the day and when, single marks out of ten. Already it's helped ( thanks again scoobydoo and Hannah) I reckon its probably going to show up what i may already suspect, eg dip around 3pm but it will be in print so to speak, staring back at me. i also think its taken me a long time to accept this is happening and therefore deal with it properly if you know what l mean!! All the best guys xx

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