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Having been complimentary about shawminds publications, another slight complaint. Is it my imagination or are we becoming a more international community? Originally this was I believe a Scottish forum for those suffering from depression . I like to think I am not too xenophobic,after all I'm English if pushed ,British otherwise, but in practical terms for the forum to be extended world wide might be good for business but is very discouraging in terms of trying to help.

I try and write encouraging replies in quantity .but there is a practical limit and being swamped is likely to be counter productive.


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  • Sorry, above post prompted by accidentally clicking on to Anxiety and depression site again.


  • Hello Olderal

    My other home deals with many countries including India, Pakistan, America, all States and Australia to name just a few, all international

    We aim to please

  • Listen,Bob there are enough of us with problems in Britain. i try not to be xenophobic but getting enough replies to satisfy the world is a big job and for those of us in the UK our knowledge is somewhat restricted to how our medical and support systems work. I have occasionally replied to guys in Africa,india and the USA. Thats oK when its the odd reply but a world wide forum, not for me.

    As I've posted above my comment was occasioned by again entering the Anxiety and Depression forum by mistake. These changes -its hard for an old dog to learn new tricks. It appears the depression forum may mainly stick to we British sufferers , so I apologised for my over hasty comment..


  • Yes i agree, but when i tip toed into the ADAA run Anxiety and Depression site by accident, I was internationally overwhelmed. ADAA is of course itself American I believe.

  • Oh dear,just checked out a few members at random and their mileage from me only to discover i have been trying to help not just Australians (g'day) and several in Africa, not to mention two posters who I deduce must be on the international space station , and apparently 6 Martians.

    The knighthood can't be far away now plus possibly an interplanetary peace award.


  • Hey buddy ,

    stop grumbling and chillout ! Ha, ha, just pulling your leg .

    Love your great sense of humour and plain honest no nonsense attitude .

    You dont have to be everything to everybody but it's great to have you around and you try your best to be helpful .

  • I agree with all what you say Olderal, I think I will knock the Anxiety site of and just keep with the depression site. There are too many now to read through. Take care.Lin x

  • In my other home, we get foreign subscribes because they cannot afford the cost of their treatments or consultations. At this time I do not know how Shaw will want to handle this.

    On my other site it is attached in some way to my Regional Health Authority and I sometimes wonder why I answer these posts. All Forums I suppose cannot do much to stop this practice, because they cannot really stop these people or identify where the Post comes from.

    All I am interested in is trying to help people with Mental Health problems and that is the remit I follow and now try not to stand on the foot of the site I contribute to


  • Olderal, I joined back in Dec 2016 from the US. I just Googled a sentence about how down I was and found myself here. I do hope the site doesn't get out of hand. The people here have been tremendous! I think the Scottish/British culture breeds more kindly people. I've joined a few other sites that are primarily American & we can be obnoxious folks!! Whatever comes if it, you've gotten me through some ugly stuff still intact. For thst, I thank you!!

  • Hello Alice,I think the signs are the site will continue to be as helpful and may possibly even improve. I personally have always found Americans very pleasant and hospitable on my visits to the States but of course we are all aware through television and films of the worse aspects of American life, most of which we also have here. It is always good to know this forum has helped you and others as individually it seems everyone tries very hard to find words of comfort.

    I try to reply to as many posts as I can but due to the recent changes I accidentally entered the Anxiety and Depression forum instead of this one and felt a bit overwhelmed at the volumes of posts wanting a reply, some from Asia and far afield. I think I entered that forum on a bad and perhaps atypical day. Fortunately when I found my way back to this forum it seems to have remained much the same and not at all out of hand and as I say I think the early signs of the new administration are encouraging.


  • I know what you mean, the quantity of people is naturally increasing because of it becoming more international and so i hardly read anyones posts anymore because theres too many to keep up with!

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