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I'm sorry but I feel bereft after losing so many of the former posters. I don't need leaflets. I need human contact.I'm a physical and mental wreck right now. I tremble, feel sick, have to use the toilet far too often, cry every day--sob my heart out would be a more accurate description. I am light headed, have high BP and frequent migraines. There is no joy in any part of my life, only misery.I guarantee I am already aware of everything any leaflet would tell me but I need another kind of help. My condition is fast becoming unbearable.

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Iamhayley in reply to darkshadow

I am feeling the exact same way... my family is nice and they try but they just dont understand it that way you know.....I joined this to sort of understand my situation more and maybe help myself

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MaxineLee in reply to darkshadow

I relate with what you have said. I have been falling apart over the last 2 years and it has gotten unbearable. I just joined this group this morning and the first post I saw asked what you are grateful for. I am sharing this with you because That small thing of sitting by myself for a second and to think about what I am grateful for did something for me. I am going to start my day with the gratitude list. It was hard to think of a few things but clean water was one of mine. It helped my mood so far. I just wanted to share that with you it’s not much but I know it helped me.

Thank you for that.

Does anyone know how to access the self help resources New to site . Is anyone reading every suffered from travelling and high anxiety issues? I have ocd struggling to cope feel sick shaky and desparate travelling in general sends anxiety ocd out of control, does anyone have any tips on coping thank you for reading

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Calico93 in reply to

I try and focus externally and internally remind myself I’ve done this before and it will be alright. It lowers my anxiety for me but doesn’t entirely take it away. I’m trying to build my confidence back up too by facing my fear and it is becoming easier, although not yet as good as I would like it but every small step is a victory. Praise yourself for those small victories.

Thank you Calico. I am hoping you got there in the end... and what other tips you may have. Xx

Hi this will be a 9 day wonder so don't let it get to you. Like Pam says we have all done this before. When you return to work my advice is to make light of it and if you can make it into a bit of a joke. You could say something like 'Well that's the last time I will have Shreddies for breakfast' or something similar. This will put others at ease and release any tension.

I rarely do this either but did a few months ago in my dart team. Had a bad day, then someone annoyed me followed by a couple more and I suddenly blew. I stood up and yelled in the pub 'Well if you don't ****** want me in the team I will ****** leave so you can all **** off! :) x

Hi I have joined this site as feeling very alone on this . I have always suffered with anxiety since my 20s , I am now 50 and possibly peri menopausal . I have always been on meds but around 3 yrs ago I came off .

I am suffering with severe anxiety and panic the last 3 yrs but seem to of got worse . Everyday is a struggle . I have changed so much mentally and feel physically ill and drained and sad . Drs I find are useless .

I am currently not leaving house as live alone as I find going out gives me severe anxiety it’s like I am rushing around just to get back home . I have so many symptoms .

Heart racing

Unbalanced feeling




Panic bout everything .

Not working due to loss of my dad as I looked after him at home and he passed here with me in July just gone .

I take diazapam daily just to get through each day . Been on it 3 years started 3 yrs ago on 4 mg a day now on 7 mg a day not sure if I have built up a tororence to it . GPS don’t know I take it . As I get it off my friend .

But I am sure diazapam doesn’t do this . As had anxiety so much times .

I have built up a phobia on going out

Seeing people . Even going to local shop .

I’ve had bloods taken few times last year and was low on certain vits etc . Apart from that not been drs .

Really need to know if I am going mad or is this anxiety or hormones

Scared to start on a anti depressant


Feel so trapped in my own body x

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