Bipolar help

I'm also new here. I'd like to know if anyone has a family member with bipolar, and feels they might have the same condition? Like a brother or sister?

Also I was wondering if bipolar is always a low depressive mood followed by a high, happy and elevated mood?

I seem to be either depressed and feeling low or extremely agitated and excitable..... But never happy! I have OCD but this is something else.

Can anyone relate?

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  • Hi Kazza28

    I am really sorry you haven't had a Welcome or reply to your post!

    So now I Wish you A Very Warm Welcome & a Big Hug!

    I am not an expert on Bipolar as it's not a condition I don't have! But I know there are others on the forum who have greater knowledge & experience & will now hopefully reply to you!

    Take Lots of Care. spykey🤗🤗

  • I think I'm bipolar, not been diagnosed but it's definitely getting worse.

    What would u like to know? Ask away and I'll give u what I feel and experience 🙃

  • I think I'm rapid cycling bipolar type 1

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