I.am going to to c a health professional soon I have suffered with depression for years.But resenly am getting worse I go through mood swings don't eat for days I did go under 7 stone once I was in hostpital for weeks.I binge drink and taken overdoses.Am paranoid I could gone on.Do wish my family could understand,am pushing them away cause they make it worse.Am a recluse things that people have said or done my hole life actually go round and round in my head.I do talk to myself trying to find out reasons for thing that I have gone through.Why can I not just for the my remaining life just be normal and Sane like others.

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  • Bless you hun, get your self to the doctors and have a good chat with him! Family can mean well but not always realise they can make you feel worse I know I couldn't talk to my family, they just didn't get it, I'm sure they are only after what's best for you so try not to push them away, (easier said than done I know) I truly hope you feel better soon xx

  • Sounds like lots of difficult problems. Hopefully you can get good support from the mental health team

  • Mental health professionals will help you get your life back on track and be in control of it. You can get through this, just stay strong xx

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