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Thank you for the welcome. This is my first post. I stumbled upon this site and thought maybe I could learn from others about how they deal with life anxieties. I too suffer from anxiety and depression and find that it is a struggle when one has so many allergies to medications. After many years of research I figured out that I am allergic to magnesium stearate. Just wanted to mention that I had read recently that the drug companies have admitted that magnesium stearate is dangerous to our immune system's and it is a controversy to take it off the market. As of now the drug companies do not want to remove it (costs). As I have read in other posts, magnesium stearate is in most medications. I am wondering if anyone has found an SSRI other than Prozac that does not have the magnesium stearate. I have also tried natural vitamins which also have the same ingredient. I so appreciate this site so that I can learn more of how to deal with life on life's terms. If anyone wants to share, I welcome your comments. Thank you so much.

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Hi nice to meet you. There is a lot of self help available on the net. Maybe you could try online CBT or mindfulness. I am on sertraline ad which helps me a lot. I also try and keep my thoughts positive and refuse to allow myself much self pity or ruminating about the past and perceived failures. I try and look forward rather than back.

I think a lot depends on how severe your anxiety/depression is as to how you are able to cope with it. I hope this helps a bit. x

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Thank you so much for your post. Do you have a hard time taking the sertraline? I'm wondering if different manufacturers make a difference in the taste. Mines days with me for about 12 hours. When talking to my pharmacist she gave me the number of the manufacturer which is Greenstone Manufacturer. Could you possibly let me know what manufacture you use? Does yours leave a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe I can request a different manufacture and then I would be able to take it. I have taken DBT in the past and it was extremely helpful. It may be something I need to consider again. I really like the mindfulness and I love meditation. Do you know of any sites that are excellent sites for meditation? I thank you so much for your reply.



I'm not familiar with magnesium stearate, but I act on the assumption that virtually all chemicals are dangerous in one way or another. It must be really difficult being allergic though.

Have you had any luck with talking therapy?



I am trying therpy now and I find it so hard to find a sound therapist - one that can really help me with new skills. I am giving it another chance. I've heard EMDR is excellent for Therpy. Have you heard of it? My new colossus in 2017 will be so high that I won't be able to do therpy. Meditating has helped me tremendously - I found an app called CALM and I do the 15 minute breathing one. Thank you for your reply Lori.


Thanks for the information on magnesium stearate! I have never heard that before.


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