Hello, just passing through, how is everyone these days, what has happened to CLEO and all other Administrators ???

How is everyone ??


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  • Chloe left last week and the new admin Spykey also left a few days ago. I don't know who if anyone is admining the site now.

  • Where are all your members there seems to have been a bomb dropped. I see themys has reverted to member and a new company has taken over the site.

    I just came to see how you were all getting on, and I am shocked, most of the old names have now gone ?? I have been busy on a different site, I felt unwelcome here although I was allowed to stay, and visit every now and again

    I see that CLIO has now taken over the bereavement site.


  • A new company? Who? The site is still on HU.

  • thats so sad that you felt unwelcome and im sorry to hear that. i do know many people have left here and gone to a new site and its by invitation only. i did not take up that invitation. there will always be problems no matter where we go in life. i hate to think that you felt unwelcome though as thats not a nice feeling. god bless you. love grace oxoxoxo

  • Yes still HU

    The sites generally get companies to take over the site and HU will monitor. If you look under followers at the top of the page then look under Administrator.


  • I see a new admin there but that doesn't mean a new company?

  • Oh I see what you mean.

  • Hello,Bob,nice to hear from you. We vapourised all the administrators except Spykey for sleeping on the job and since you ask ,bloody awful. Going through one of my blacker periods.

    No one dropped a bomb, goldfish is still swimming around but depression is a dangerous hobby. I suspect a lot got fed up ,as I did , by the modern management methods where new ,sometimes desperate posters ,were told they would be vapourised ,shot or sued if they did n't read the guide lines . Kneecapping was held in reserve for a second offence. I.E. Not reading them twice.

    Regards Olderal

  • I didn't see any of that Olderall. I saw they were asked in a very nice way to acquaint themselves with the guidelines. It is a condition of membership that you do anyway. Most of the problems on here seem to be caused by not knowing the rules so surely it's better to ask members to read them than risk aggro on here?

    I have seen people reply for example to posters under the age of 16. They should be reported to the admins who will make sure they are ok and refer them to sites for children.

    The other thing I have seen is replies to purely relationship problems which are nothing to do with depression. If this is a relationship site as well then I won't be staying. I signed up to a depression site not a relationship one unrelated to depression.

  • Where I am now I always take under sixteen as a cuttoff, although I do give a very basic bit of help. Normally I recommend they ask their Parents to go to the Doctor. I have many peoples from different countries and that gets complicated


  • many things can cause depression like death of a loved one or loosing a job or your health. there would be to many sites if each thing that caused depression was kept separate.some depression seems to come for no reason at all. i'd be interested to hear your views on how depression arises as im always interested to hear what others have to say. love grace xoxo

  • I am not sure if you are talking to me Grace or not. But I will answer anyway. Depression per se is a serious illness which usually requires treatment. It is not the 'normal' depression which everyone has due to life's ups and downs. This is not serious and will go when things improve for them. If it develops into real depression then that is very different.

    It is very different to depression after a break up with someone. Everyone feels like that, but it is not the illness 'Depression'. I term this 'relationship problems'. There are lots of sites for relationship issues but unless they are accompanied with proper depression issues then I don't think they belong on this site. That's just my view and others might disagree.

    If a poster comes on saying they suffer with their mental health then goes on to talk about relationships then that is very different.

    As for me my depression came on as a child after my emotional needs weren't met and I never learnt how to manage them properly. it has become a lifelong issue for me even though I have made great inroads into understanding myself.

  • i have/had the same view as you as my depression which i;v had all my life for no reason that i can fathom is what i classed as real depression. however depression is caused by many things and i do believe now that mental health can be affected by many things including relation ship break downs loss of health loss of a job. to me depression is depression i dont know what normal depression is.

  • Hi I don't either as I have always had 'real' depression.

    I think the word 'depression' is much overused to describe normal reactions to adverse life events. We have all heard someone say 'I am depressed coz I lost my best friend' or 'lost my job' etc. They generally get over it quite quickly and move on to the next thing. Few will develop real depression from this, which requires treatment.

    Going by myself and other people with 'proper' depression this will often cause difficulties in jobs and relationships, and not the other way round. So the depression comes first and is not generally a result of adversity. How we deal with adverse events and our coping strategies are not normal or very well developed hence our difficulties.

    Does this make sense?

  • no it doesn't 😂 im keeping it light as this is a friendly chat and we are having a discussion. as you said you your depression came on as a child after your emotional needs were not met.so you see you were not depressed first. it was triggered and this also can happen at any age. xoxo

  • Ok. Not the reaction I was hoping for. I think we will have to agree to differ... Take care.

  • Was this the new Company that caused this or was it the new Company ?

    Was your two ADMINS the ones who caused this or the new Charity ? o HU.

    I came back a while ago and felt I just could not help anymore, I am still on my other site, I normally deal with quite a heavy load.

    I wanted to come back as Admin, I was told only two so that was it.


  • I am not on this site as you know.

    Can I help you in any way.


  • Hey BOB ~good to see you popping on here ~you are truly missed ~how's things going? Hope all well with you ~I just dip in and out of HU just to see what's going on ~but don't really know a lot of the people on here now

    Ive never really put up posts~but would always reply if I felt I could offer some help!

    Take care and hope to see you on here every now and then

    Kath 😊

  • Hello kath

    Nice to here from you, I am now on a different Forum (s) with a very heavy response rate, so very busy with all the threads etc I answer in the region of forty/fifty posts, daily sometimes

    You all seem to have been badly treated. I looked at the Membeship and the list is still (none members ?). Most of active members seem to have been taken down


  • No they haven't been taken down Bob as there is no reason for that. Presumably they have left of their own accord. People do especially on a depression site.

  • sorry to hear your going through a blacker period, me too. i do hope things recover soon. wishing you well and sending a hug . xoxoxo

  • I must be so dim. I never noticed the changes except that there is a section dealing with anxiety which is separate from the depression community. What's going on? Have many of the usual posters gone? Why? I don't understand.

  • Hello Darkshadow

    I came back as I do every now and then I do not generally contribute here now.

    I am shocked and saddened


  • What has happened, BOB? Do you know? All the long term members cannot have been abusive or gone against the rules, surely.I am shocked if they have all disappeared.

  • Hello all

    I will keep this Forum open until the beginning of next week although I do not know if I will have Broadband for about three days


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