Hi everyone :)

I've just joined this site so not sure what to write/expect! Basically, I was Googling desperately trying to find help how to deal with some pretty morbid thoughts in my head (you don't wanna know) and I came across some posts on this site with some genuine, caring advice.

I guess if we feel alone and at our wits end, we gotta look out for each other, right?

I have joined to talk/vent/release and listen to other people really, so I look forward to hearing from everyone! :)

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  • Welcome to the Action on Depression Forum, really pleased you've found us. You're sure to find friendly support and information here too. :-)

  • Hi Lyndyyy,

    Welcome. Funnily enough, I do want to know what your morbid thoughts are so that I can see how I can help. What's been happening that has made you want to talk/vent/release?

    You can click on my name to find out about my story.


  • Welcome on board. Much better to come along here to talk/vent/release than stay home with those thoughts of yours :) I am sure you will find all the support that you ask for and thanks for what you offer in return.

  • Welcome to the site. We all have thoughts and some are most deeply disturbing. You are not alone. They are just thoughts though and as long as we do not act on them then that is a bonus. They are dreadful that I know. It is a struggle with them sometimes as they are so strong. We do not have to listen to them.

  • Hi Lindyyy, i haven't been on this site very long about 4 weeks. Everyone is lovely on here, give good advice and help each other. I am glad i found this site, as it does help to talk to other people who are going through things aswell.

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