Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are ok.

Getting better, thanks to all your message and support! You guys helped me soooo much, I felt less alone and that so many people are going through the same as me.

I also recommend one thing to do, getting a book about to beat depression. It is really helpful and you can do exercises too.

Depression is not easy as it makes you forget about how you felt at some point or any informations.

Continue to fight all of you !!

We are all strong and together, we will be that monster !

Cici xxx

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  • Hi Cici

    I am so glad you are on the road to recovery, you sound so strong and positive like a different person (the real you) and I am so happy for you, you had me worried the other night, but let's hope that's all in the past now and you have a bright and happy future ahead of you. I know there will probably still be some hard times to deal with but I am sure everyday you will get a little stronger and beat the ba####d. Sending you big ((((hugs)))) for doing so well. I know it's silly but I am feeling very proud of you as if you were one of my own lol. All the very best for the future.xxx

  • Hi Cici ,

    All the best I hope your recovery continues every day,

    Sharon x

  • Thank you ;-)

  • Hi Cici

    I'm glad you are getting better and hope that continues.

    Take care,


  • Thank you Sue

    Cici xxx

  • Well done cici.. It's lovely to hear that!!

    Long may it continue

    Sue xxxxx

  • Cici thats great news, it gives hope to other people too who are experiencing the same downer. Continuted good health to you and well done.