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I don't really know how to start. I have dealt with 'depression' many times before, however i have always dealt with this alone and never spoken out or admitted it to anyone. I am now 19 weeks pregnant with my first child, I've been out of work most of my pregnancy so far because of Hyperemesis. While being out of work and being in and out of hospital i tried my hardest to stay positive and focused. It worked for a while, then when i returned to work feeling well and okay i started feeling down and tired and i knew something was not right. I have been off work again and i have finally confided in my partner and my mum and told them everything. I am feeling down and very low, I don't want to leave my house or go back to work, i just can't do it. I feel worthless and i keep overthinking everything possible, i'm not sleeping during the night and then when i do sleep in the day i'm sleeping for 12+ hours and still feeling drained and shattered. I keep crying and i don't know how to get past it. I just want to be the best mother i can be but i feel like i am failing. I have booked in to see a doctor this Saturday but i don't know how to speak out loud to someone and explain how i feel as i feel like no one understands.

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Alicejox. God babe .depression is hard I've ad it wiv all 3 of mine .but just fault it was cos I was unhappy wiv my husband he was a bully .all ways made me cry .it was only wen I left him .I did get better .but iv ad lot go on in there's last 10yrs .I got it bad .they stop my anitdeprent after 7yrs I went down I was put in mentle hospital. Well I put my self in one 4 2 days .Glad I did they got my tablets right .u have got to get help if u fill like this .it's only gonna get worse .I try and fite it .then if Someone up set me .I go down 4 days .it's like a rollercoaster up down .it's like I'm doing really well at mo. I'm smile in I'm out pain my anitdeprent working.i ant at work at mo .I'm looking .but I'm er cleaning cooking doing everything. I was singing lol yesday. But my partner got me up set .all over our pug dog he time it get he's hair cut coz it's common out everywhere. Cone bk they don't cut hair.all I said was there must b somewhere. He went no there ant .so I started to cry .I said y can't u just say we look babe .but it toke my happynes just like that .I still fill like it 2day .so got start all again. It's easy for him .he can just say sorry fink I b ok .but once u get me sad that it.hes good husband but God. Ha.try and get help and there's no shame to arts 4 help .Coz if u don't. Well ....good luck wiv doctors don't hold no think bk .Good luck wiv the baby .as well that's y u got get help coz wen baby comes u will cry wen they don't stop crying. U get the help now .😊

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