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Self Esteem is Busted


Does anyone have extremely low self esteem.

So many people over the years have attacked my appearance, personality, work ability etc.

I have been laughed at for a long time.

My ex broke my front teeth and I haven't got the money to get them fixed.

I have only really just realized how much of an effect it has had on me and its really getting to me and causing my depression to show its ugly head.

Others have said to me :-

Your fat

Your an ugly one

I bet you weren't that big when you were a dancer.

If you lost weight you would be so hot.

I told my mates your no supermodel

Your useless

I wish you were dead.

I have no idea on how to deal with this.

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Yes I have very low self esteem too...due to weight gain from depression and anxiety of many years. Ive gotten all those names said to me too especially with the weight gain. I try to not let it bother me but it flares up my anxiety so bad I just can't. I get very angry too. So I feel you hun. I'm here if you need a friend or someone who can relate to you. Take care luv

You need to try and work on your positives. You're kind, compassionate, helpful etc

I know it's difficult to hear these things, try not to let them see it affects you. They are behind you for a reason. Tell them you can always lose weight, but there is no cure for being mean and stupid.

Remember you are beautiful.

My ex used to put me down a lot and so did others. You know what it's them that had the low self esteem, and that's why they were bullies and abusive. There one description you've forgot to add. YOU'RE STRONG. And please don't ever forget it. Look in the mirror every morning and say this to yourself x


Hi people take you at face value so the only answer is to be loud and proud. No one has a right to have a go at you and they are only looking for a reaction. I have had my share of abuse as well and yes it does hurt, but I have developed a sharp tongue and attacked them back. Or I tell them to ...... off.

They say the best form of defence is attack, so start attacking. Get angry rather than upset. There are many forms of attack. Sometimes I use sarcasm, other times I use humour. The idea is to deflect it from you onto them and put them on the spot instead..

Remember if someone is judging you then it gives you the right to judge them back.

Another good way of doing it is to say 'Yes I agree so what'? This really takes the wind out of their sails.

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