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hi I'm sorry to bore you again,I've got a job interview tonight and I'm really nervous for quite a few reasons ,because I done drive amd to get to the store I have to get two trains ,I'm worried theyl say something rude about this,I'm really fine with this,secondary I worked there a couple of years ago and I kept having Saturdays off as had plans pre booked and soon afterwards they made me redundant,I've grown up since than and really regretted this since I would now however be reliable cancel any plans and put this first ,annd thirdly its incase someone sees me having this interview when I'm signed off sick

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  • Best of luck for tonight - I will be thinking of you!

    With regards to them questioning the travel, it will be ok. The job I am currently at was in the next city, to which they questioned how I would get to work. I simply said I have already planned it out and that it wasn't as far as it seemed. At the time I was relying on my mum to drive me everywhere as I hadn't yet passed my test, but I said she would always be able to take me and they seemed a bit off at first so I simply reassured them it was no worry whatsoever.

    If they have accepted you into an interview then that is a good step! This now gives you a chance to explain how you have matured and you have a better work ethic that you're desperate to show to them. I wish you luck, please keep us updated!

  • thankyou so much maisymoo,nervous incase someone I know sees me going for an interview thankyou xx

  • I haven't lied about being sick I'm.not going back tho job is not good for me the Dr said hence why I'm looking for a new job I really am sick due to anxiety abs depression and this job has made it worse

  • I understand, i'm currently looking for work as my job has made me extremely unhappy and sick. If anyone saw you they would not question why you are out and about, you can't lie about being signed off sick and so it wouldnt even cross their minds! You are most probably overworrying about things, try to keep calm - easier said than done i know

  • i wpuldnt lie and gave gor medical proof sick note!i was self harming abs feeling suicidal due tp current job ;

  • Sounds like you need to decide what you want!

    Whether to work or not

    And then accept the consequences

    Hope you are getting some treatment

  • I'm bot well enough to do tho job my Dr has said

  • Not sure what you are saying. I think your typing has gone wrong

  • my Dr has said to give up on this current job which I am signed off sick for and to continue looking for other work

  • Go for it put the past behind you because thats where it is look forwards all the time and take one day at a time, I think we all do that now, no use putting problems in the way which isn't there. Good luck with the interview and just be your self. If its 2 trains its 2 trains dont worry theres thousands who needs to get to work by train, just stay safe.

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