Would I benefit from taking antidepressants

Hi I just joined today

I don't think I have depression, but I have very low motivation and drive. I find it really difficult to get things done like clean my room, cooking meals, finishing a my job application, etc. I make plans to do things and rarely follow through. I spend a lot of my time just wasting my time.

Also do antidepressants help with maintaining a good sleep pattern? Ever since a young age I've had trouble getting to sleep and it's caused me problems in my education and at work. I'll go to bed so late I end up sleeping during the day.

Could antidepressants treat these problems? Could it change my life for the better?

I'm booking an appointment tomorrow btw.

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  • Hi JacobLee,

    Welcome to our Forum, so glad you took that first step to find us. Our members here are friendly and supportive and I'm sure they'll answer your post shortly. Please take a look at our guidelines on the right hand side on the page.


  • Hi, I wouldn't say it was a good idea to take antidepressants if you didn't need too!! They do have a lot of side effects and often take a while to kick in. They can also make your sleep pattern worse!! That's why you should only take them if you are depressed but I'm sure your doctor will discuss that with you. Have you ever had a job at all? And how old are you if you don't mind me asking? We all need routine, having a reason to get up!! Motivates us!! You could try using some free apps for motivation. The hypnotherapy ones are very good. Of course you also need to go to bed at a reasonable time to try get back into a routine. I sometimes think people are not motivated because they don't have to be!! If you have responsibilities like work, paying rent, bills supporting family then that's the motivation you need to get up everyday and do what you have to do. Even when you don't really want too.

  • Yeah I've had loads of jobs. I'm in my early 20s. I'm looking to start an apprenticeship soon.

    Also I'm feeling better today :)

  • I agree with Angep.... do not start using anti-depressants... I honestly think it would benefit you to find a good therapist to talk with. You might ask your Dr to refer you (but don't let him Rx pills) ... And when and if you do speak with a therapist...be totally 100% honest with him/her exactly about how you feel... don't hold back anything... Good luck to you, Jacob! I really have a positive feeling that a therapist could do you worlds of good. Take care.

  • Sounds like cbt may help you. Google mood gym and living life to the full.

    Lifestyle, fitness and ambition are factors to look at.

  • Hello and welcome.

    I'd also not recommend taking antidepressants unless you feel you really need them. Angep made some really good points about them - particularly regarding sleep cycle!

    I'd also say some form of talking therapy could be much more beneficial for you. Hopefully your appointment tomorrow will signpost you to the right sort of help that is available.

    Let us know how you get on. :)

  • Some talking therapy does sound like it could help, but I think I'll go without. I've often found talking with new people I meet and with friends has quite a therapeutic effect.

  • its best to talk to your doctor, im on 150mg sertraline and i don't feel any better but if i stop taking them i feel a lot worse, so they must be doing something, i have terrible sleepless nights i feel so tired all the time,

  • I feel like I look sadistic by liking your comment :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

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