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hi I'm a 24 year old female and i met this 20 year old on a dating site,hes really weird from the first date we met hes been hinting for you know what by making out and telling me hes got an errection everytime he sees me and by going on about how jed never loved anyone like he'd loved me.ive told him Saturday can we a day as I'm very ill with depression and just wasn't seering anyone he took three hours before he finally went knowing full.well I had a train to catch any advice please ?

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  • Yes get rid drop him like a red hot brick!!! You are not in a fit state at the moment to fight this man off, he could make the depression worse and put you in a dangerous position. So please no more meetings with him you will find someone when your in a good frame of mind xxxxx

  • thankyou your absolutely right he shouldn't be saying that should he thankyou xx

  • Your welcome, theres to many dangerous people out there so no more chances, get yourself ready for spring and summertime think of the nice tan your get lol. Promise no more internet dating. Take care xx

  • yea I can't wait for summer tile just hope I have a job by than xxxx

  • One day at a time, dont look to far ahead not when you have depression, we have enough to cope with, so look at things you would like to do or look into them 6/12 week courses (if they still do them). That way your meet people. Good luck xx

  • Ditch him. Focus all your energies on getting better. Nonsense of the type he's displaying is the last thing you currently need ... healthy or otherwise.

  • thankyou your right I will block him xx

  • Good to hear ☺

    Take care of yourself ✌

  • thankyou I thought it was weird him.telling me that on first date

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