Californian Rocket Fuel ............fizzled out!

Wee update been on this supposedly miraculous combination for 4/5 months now I'm up to 225mg venlafaxine abd 30mg mirtazapine and I've hit rock bottom again I'm doing all my good girl stuff that I'm supposed to but damn it's hard. CPN is now referring me to a psychologist for assessment again. Coming up to 1 year on this scary roller this going to be my normal from now on every time I see a little ray of light life just throws another curve ball . I know pills are not the cure but wtf is ! Rant over 😁

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  • Hi Jackie. I was on mazerpine 7yrs .it got me to sleep. Dreams I was sceary I wood dream bad stuff .after 7yrs dotor stop them I went down ended up in hospital. Don't let the doctors keep changing yr anitdpresents. I'm on now accord 10mgcitalopram. It's best I've felt in long time .good luck 😊

  • Thanks candy I've been on every anti d you can think of psychiatrist reckons I'm resistant to them all also highly sensitive to meds anyhoo you take care too and thanks for replying xxx

  • Well you keep in there .fight the disease. I got to many problems. Burning brain.vertgo depression. But at mo it's gone .finger crossed my burning stopped I can cope wiv everything else .depression well it is a struggle to get on .I've brought running machine I don't fill like doing it but got to coz put wait on .being at mo alday I'm bord so food yum yum ha.that got me down I was size 8 now size 12 boooo.that wat tablets do and Hillnes. I'm not letting it beat me no more .it's OK 4 me to say that at mo coz I fill well .but we've all bin there u r on good weeb site u never fill alone.🖒🖒😊

  • Hi Candyfield

    Welcome to our Friendly, Supportive & non-judgemental forum! Please feel free to post when you need to! We do will support you as much as we are able!

    Take Care. Warm Wishes spykey 🤗

  • Hi spy key. Just read bit yr wall .God there's so many others got depression. I got a pug dog frank .he's best dog I've ever ad.but. I've ad 10 dogs all called lucky ha was unluckyst dogs ever was hard bk then I was bring up kids .but now got frank he don't bark he snors like me Haa. But I've got push me self to walk him it's like now he in me motor waiting 4 walk .I'm like God nooooo. But once I'm out bit fresh air I fill bit better .depression so horrible u get get right tablet that suits doctors have let me get this bad .I ended up in hospital were they stop me antidepressant after 7yrs .fault it was caused of my burning brain.but stoping anitdpresents messed me head up .I fault was gonna die .changed my tablets to much .I'm on .citalopram.10mg.god that working for better don't no wat to do now .my mates well I ant bothering. They was not my mates coz they bin er 4 my husband and pug frank .and u lot.fight fight Hillnes nice talking to u all.iv all ways got lot to txt haaaa 😊😊😊🖒🖒

  • Hello Jackie, I too was on Californian Rocket Fuel, for 6 months. All it did was make me put on loads of weight and triggered a manic episode. I have now been diagnosed as Bipolar. This combination is the worst to give someone with Bipolar. Sorry it appears to have pooped out on you. There are still lots of other meds available, keep trying. Good luck.

  • Weight gain is horrendous for me but I had lost so much I was on point of being admitted to hospital for being mal nourished thanks for replying xx

  • Hi Jackie220166

    Welcome to our Friendly, Supportive & non-judgemental forum! Feel free not post as and when you need to. We will support you as much as we are able!

    Take Care. Warm Wishes spykey 🤗

  • Hello, Jackie. Sorry I haven't been in touch lately. Been going through it myself. Don't honestly know what to say to you. The whole business of depression is so complicated. Have you ever been on Sertraline? It worked for me for many years but the dose had to be increased from time to time. It took about 5/6 weeks to help but then I felt so much better. I'm still holding out against going on them again although the doctor prescribed them for me. Some say that you feel worse when you start taking them so I'm at least postponing them for the next few weeks as my son is taking me to Edinburgh to pick up a newer car on 15th March and I don't want side effects to spoil that. I haven't had a trip south since last May so I figure I need it. I wouldn't go on my own nowadays. I wish I had an answer for you. xxx.

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