Misophonia? Is it really a thing?

I have trouble being around people when they eat most people feel the same but it makes me really angry, my skin crawls in some cases I end up crying. Not just loud foods such as crisp trigger this it could be anything from soft foods like cheese just the wet noise and breathing as people chew makes me angry also things like chewing gum in class from people On the other side of the room makes my skin crawl and my head hurt, even writing this is angering me. I have a feeling it might be slight bipolar because of the mood swings I have with it. But unsure if this is even a thing

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  • Never heard of it, life must be very hard for you.


  • Hi how old are you please? I am asking this coz if you are very young it is probably a phase you are going through. If you are a bit older then maybe there is something else going on. x

  • I never realised this had a name, but I'm EXACTLY the same, the noise,the slapping, the chewing, the mouth opening, breathing, even seeing a fork or hand going near the mouth with food makes me cringe, I know it will send me mad and have to block my ear at times, yes just one ear works, comes in handy at times..

  • Hi there and welcome to our friendly, supportive Forum. I have heard of this condition and it is very distressing for those suffering it. I'll try to find out more, take care.


  • Hi again,

    There's lots of interesting reading about the condition if you Google it, hope it helps.


  • Funnily enough there was a piece on local news last night. It was a revelation to find that it had a name, I get an adverse reaction to some noises.

    Here catch. Hope it helps.


  • Hi my son is the same he is nearly 13 and hates being in the same room as anyone eating but he has SED he has to wear his headphones when he is eating to distract himself if he even sees someone eating he gags it's distressing as a parent to see but I try to not make him feel any different to anyone else. My older son now 25 was the same but grew out of it. Sending hugs I know I probably went off on a tangent but just wanted to let you know you are not alone and send hugs your way cc

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