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Hi my son became extremely depressed 3 yrs ago at the age of 17 for no reason!! He went into bad dips which u could physically see coming on his skin would go grey and look plastic and we knew a bad dip was coming !! He would cry a lot and talked about not wanting to b here anymore as he couldn't handle these feelings !! He refused to go to the doctor take medication instead he educated his self on mindfulness, wakefulness and read up on Buddhas and how they train the mind !! I am pleased to say this really worked for him (it didn't happen overnight) he is now in a great place and understands how to help his self if he feels a dip coming on !! He said u have to work hard at being depressed (he can c that not ) and that it is all about changing ur mindset!! I know this is extremely hard to do but it really worked for him his whole demeanar has changed his and he has become a great witty and thoughtful person !! I really hope this helps someone who reads it !!


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  • Yes mindfulness and Buddhism stuff is great if you can do it but sometimes the worried and guilt are too much

  • Yes u r right but it is something to give some hope to some ppl out there and maybe if the read up on it it might help someone!! I myself have never read it but I just am so thankful that my son did if it wasnt for reading this stuff I'm not sure he would b here now !!

  • Hi Diana71, I agree with what you said, also you have to work on maintaining the mindset so you have to work on it every day. I'm so glad he was able to find a way to help himself. I think I'd have been in a very bad place right now if I hadn't found a mindfulness class. Strange thing is my teacher actually found me!! It's dreadful worrying about our kids. My youngest son suffered badly from depression and anxiety. He tried to take his life. He' still struggles with his emotions and anxiety. I've booked us both onto a day course of meditation and mindfulness 🙏🏻We're both excited about it. Take care.

  • Aww good luck angeb I hope all goes well for u both !! X

  • you may be interested in this forum - it's quiet but would be good to get it active and sharing experiences


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