Extreme tiredness

I was diagnosed with depression about 1-2 years ago and lately my level of tiredness has been debilitating. I had had several doctors appointments and blood tests that have come back normal but I'm just after a bit of advice on what to do. Im in the process of coming off Citalopram at the moment, would you be able to recommend any other medications or any other tests that the doctors could do. Its got to the point now where its affecting my job, my driving and sometimes I sleep for up to 16 hours on weekends maybe more.

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  • Hello there Georgiamiaf

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  • double check that they have done B12 and folate

    list of symptoms of B12 deficiency can be found here


    the usual test that is done isn't as specific and accurate as it can be but awareness of this - and the range of symptoms of B12 deficiency is pretty poor. If the symptoms ring a lot of bells then I would suggest joining the PAS forum on HealthUnlocked for support


  • Hi Georgia

    I have terrible struggles with energy and depression. Today for instance I totally crashed and it was annoying as there were things I needed and wanted to do.

    Coming off the medication may be causing it. I myself am overweight and wonder about sleep apnoea, trouble is I live alone so will need to video myself before I can get a referral to a sleep clinic.

    Sleep is a biggie though, worth looking at sleep hygiene tips online.

    Cheers, Matt

  • At night I sleep fine and sleep the whole day if i could. I am underweight however but no matter how hard I try it is virtually impossible to put weight on.

  • I know you have said you have seen several doctors, could you go back again? If it is effecting you this badly maybe there is a specialist they can refer you to?

  • Also check vit d levels and consider triiodothyronine treatment


    Fluoxetine may have more of a stimulant effect than citalopram

  • I've been on Fluoxetine and the side effects were horrible. I had to come off it because my depression got worse.

  • I would second making sure that your vitamin D levels have been checked. I had a similar experience two years ago; I was still taking medication, depression had eased up a great deal but I was sleeping for England. Turned out my vitamin D levels were very low and much of the tiredness went when they were restored. Low vitamin D doesn't always effect people the same way but it's worth checking.

  • I have had everything checked including all my vitamin levels and they are all fine. I don't know what else it would be

  • It's easy to assume that everything is connected to the depression so I would ask your GP if it could be something completely different. In the meantime you could ask about Modafinil. It can be prescribed at a low dose for non-narcolepsy sleepiness when your job is at risk (and mention that you drive to work). You can't take it everyday but it can help in the mornings. Venlafaxine is also a stimulating anti-depressant and might be an alternative.

  • Thank you I will definitely ask at my next doctors appoitment

  • Hi Georgiamiaf, I too have depression which causes me to sleep for long periods. I spend much of my weekends asleep but it doesnt make much difference to how I feel. I came off Fluotetine a few months ago and felt fine but I have recently started going down hill rapidly and so have reluctantly started back on them again. Do you feel dreadful when you wake up? I have a feeling of complete dread and anxiety. It does improve over the course of the day but never goes away. Its good to know I am not alone. I wish I had some answers .

  • I am currently coming off Citalopram because I want to try something different. Fluoxetine gave me insomnia, the shakes and I felt very numb and spaced out. I am working full time and often do not want to get up and face the day. Even getting 12 hours isn't enough for me. Hopefully a new medication will make me feel better.

  • I also long for answers as through blood tests and doctors appointments have come back normal.

  • I am the same. I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Not that anything is then done. My thoughts are with you. I had blood tests to rule everything else out.

  • I feel just like that. I sleep for hours and feel no better. I have a demanding full time job too but keep going because it takes my mind off how I am feeling. Have some family problems and its all closing in a bit. Feel permenantly on edge.

  • It has started to effect my concentration and how i drive. I have started seeing my counsellor again so maybe if you haven't tried therapy maybe have a one off session with a counsellor because it has really helped me. Someone earlier also mentioned Modafinil which Im going to mention next time I have an appointment with a doctor.

  • I had some conselling a few years ago but I had to go privately as there was a massive waiting list on NHS. It was good but I dont have the money now. Is Modafinil for depression and anxiety as i think I need something for both?

  • I also go privately. Modafinil is apparently for making you feel more awake during the day.

  • Oh right, I might ask for something like that. I want something for anxiety but was given tranquillisers a while ago . Only took two as i was scared to get hooked. Must be something a bit less adictive now

  • Hi Georgia,

    Have a look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia:



    Hope this helps.


  • I have had a look at these and I am definitely going to mention it to my GP. Would they consider this diagnosis because I have depression and my mood is low along with my energy.

  • I think it's a starting point and at least it can be crossed off the list of possible reasons.

    I dont have all the symptons for these conditions but I have a good many and it is the closest diagnosis that I could get.

    Every 2 year or so, I would look to see if there has been any break-throughs. Sadly there is not but at least it has a name now. When I first going to GP's 20 years ago - they did not have the foggiest idea and it was "yuppie flu"

  • Hi.

    If you've tried 2 SSRIs, it might be time for a change. Possibly an SNRI like venlafaxine or Duloxetine. Duloxetine may be a better choice as it help in equals levels serotonin and noradrenaline, where as venlafaxine at lower doses is mainly working on serotonin.

    Def go back to GP ASAP.

    Much love ❤️

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