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Chest pain constant.

I need help, for 2 years Ive had constant pain in my chest


Ok, so Ive had 2 x ECG, 3 X rays and 3 X bloods and all normal....I am only 21 and no family history of heart problems but it wont stop. I get pins and needles in my arm EVERYDAY (always the left arm), heaviness and the muscle is sooooo painful when pressed in. Ive had a chest wall examination done and near enough screamed in sheer pain (it was that bad the doctor had to stop immediately) Ive been to a&e 2 times time in feb 2013 and then in Nov 2013 and all tests fine. i do have anxiety but its because im in sooo much pain everyday. i have convinced myself its related but doctors have told me if it was heart, why do you cry in pain when we touch your chest wall? its been 2 years and nothing has happened but I keep getting so anxious about the pain.

Could my chest wall really be causing all this pain????


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I'm so sorry to hear that this is causing you so much pain and trouble, but with all due respect, no one on this forum should be trying to help you diagnose a heart complaint. I'd recommend getting a second opinion from a different specialist if you're not getting the answers you're seeking.

Ive been seeing a doctor and he's saying he defo thinks its not heart related. Because of all the pain I now have constant anxiety so its really just reassurance :( for 2 years every single day.....its really taking a bad mental effect. Xx

It sounds awful. I have erosive gastritis in my stomach, which I've had for over a year and the doctors say there's nothing they can do for it, other than prescribe me tablets to reduce acid production. Because I don't want to settle for a life of pills, I suffer it, and it really gets me down. X

sorry to hear about this.

Sounds like a lot of neurological stuff going on.

This is probably way off base but I'd like to suggest that you take a look at the symptoms for B12 deficiency - the symptoms vary from one person to another and they can be so disparate that they often don't get put together and it can take a very long time to diagnose as a result - and tends to get diagnosed as a lot of other things.

I think GPs tend not to think of it as a possibility unless there is evidence of macrocytosis in the blood but that is a symptom that doesn't always occur.


Hi, your not alone with the problem

Your problems are virtually identical to my wifes'. She has done all the hospital visits, convinced it was a heart attack. At present she is in constant pain, cannot breathe, shoulders and chest severely restricted. It is a never ending panic attack, or anxiety disorder in another word. There is no tangible reason its just there. We have all the pills etc. The next resort is CBT which the doctor says will help, so fingers crossed. Why don't you suggest it to your GP

i don't think any of us can diagnose. It is surprising how painful simple things can be. I occasionally get anal cramp, which can have me on the floor in outright agony. Have the docs mentioned inflamed ribs, or muscle cramps? It might be worthwhile checking out the physiotherapy websites to find some examples of stretching or massage. that may relieve the symptoms at least. But I'd avoid any alternative meds for heart conditions, with no diagnosis they will be dangerous. I know how frustrating it is trying to eliminate the hundreds of possible causes for pain, and sometimes diagnosis only comes when absolutely everything else has been ruled out. The early tests will have ruled out the more serious conditions, now you are just left with the aggravation of not knowing what it is or how to help yourself, Hope you find some exercises that may help relieve the pain. Avoiding exercise or movement because you are afraid of the consequences is going to get you into a vicious circle, the less you do, the weaker you get,

Hey. This sucks and I know because I am going through something similar.

My constant chest pain (though nowhere near as bad as yours by the sounds of it) started due to a mix of undiagnosed asthma and Tietze's syndrome -

I was so anxious (and still get anxious) about it. Despite being reassured by my GP I have been convinced I have cancer, heart attacks, you name it.... I have had panic attacks from worrying about it.

It is a good thing you have had all these tests - they have ruled out everything life-threatening. You have to reassure yourself with this. I would ask them about Tietze's and Asthma, just to be sure. You could have had a trauma or chest infection that has damaged or inflamed your chest wall. I don't know if you do this, but because I'm always worrying about it, I press my hand against my upper chest all the time trying to feel lumps and pressing to see where it hurts in case I can pinpoint anything. As it is Tietze's, I can feel swelling and I just keep touching it in worry - which makes it worse and inflames it - so it never really goes away. My chest feels sore and heavy all the time and sometimes I just get sharp bursts of pain which go away.

And unfortunately Anxiety does result in chest pain - which is very real. It is not in your head - this is your body reacting to the anxiety. It also causes pins and needles -

Whilst you are still investigating this, try to take some steps to lessen the anxiety. Being outdoors in green space, swimming, walking etc. Talk to people about it and ask them to help reassure you when you are anxious about your chest. CBT may also be a good idea.

Good luck, I hope you feel better.

Hey man. Sorry to hear your story. I've been going thru something similar. I actually got hurt by stretching inside instead of outside. After I hurt my self I push so hard in my chest because the pain was so bad till I hear a click. And is stop that bad pain. But I still get pains. Anything I do could hurt my chest. Now I'm getting pain in my back arms etc. Been 2 years all kind of test negative except for Mri cuse my PD don't want to recommend me to do Mri. I got over panic and anxiety attacks. But I still don't know what I got and it gets me sad. I do have alot of gasses but I know when is a gas pain AMD not the other stufff

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