How I've began to deal with whatever I have

Hi, I posted on here about a week or so ago stating some of the things I have been feeling for a long while now. Since then I have tried to change a few things to combat some of the really low ebbs I have. Though it has only been just over a week, I've had some positive results from the changes I've made so I thought I'd share it on here because even if it just helps one person, it was worth me typing this. For a start I've stopped smoking (I'd stopped before I posted but it's really starting to sink in and it feels pretty good) and for now, I am not drinking alcohol, which we all know is a depressant, particularly in large quantities. I have tried and, so far successfully, tried to do something positive each day which range from going for a run to facing up to something I would have otherwise ran away from. I try and keep my mind busy through the day as much as possible (I found long stretches of doing nothing made me feel really rubbish and useless) and I give myself a break in the evening. I think it was Matt Lucas, who is a British actor, that said "keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me, inactivity is the enemy" and that certainly relates and resonated with me. Maybe it will for one of you guys. Talking to people about their lives tends to help because it takes it off your own even just for a little while. I have a tendency to obsess or overthink my own worries so talking about someone else really takes that stress away and puts your own worries into perspective. Just trying to do things I enjoy helps the mood naturally which we all know but actually seeing the joy in it again, rather than thinking 'oh I must do this to make me feel better', has been a really positive step in the right direction. And finally (you'll be pleased to hear) just taking each day as it comes. I know it's a cliche, but it's working so far. So often I'd be worrying or anxious about what the future was going to look like but it's really the days you're in the count the most. The more you're in the moment the more you can control and influence what lies ahead, I guess. I hope at least someone can take something from this. I wish you all well.

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  • thanks very much for writing all this down and posting it. its very helpful. i myself stopped smoking over 4 years ago and it has saved me a fortune and i can treat myself and buy good food. i dont drink either. its all good for our health just those two things. it just goes to show that putting some effort in pays off and has good rewards. thanks again. love grace xoxo

  • Thank you! Funny how I just ended up here, looking for some advice and opened your post. Usually I feel a little anxious and hopeless when opening the depression forum.

  • Well done. Fabulous to read :)

  • Hi Winter

    Sounds really good, I am so glad you have discovered the 'taking each day at a time' thing. It may be a cliche, but for this illness it is so important.

    Fair play to you, hope today is one of the good ones.

    Cheers, Matt

  • It's alaways nice to read something positive, so it's really nice when people share such things.wishing you a happy and positive day today 🙏🏻

  • Excellent post Winter93 - full of words of encouragement and examples how things you've tried,have worked for you. Like you rightly say,its a day by day,moment by moment,work in progress and long may it continue! Keep us updated please and well done!

  • Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. God Bless😊