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A Poem to my Children Aged 9 & 6

Is it so wrong to be alone on Christmas Day,

Is it so wrong to want it all to go away

Cause some of us are lonely

and some of us are blue

But it does not stop us saying

Merry Christmas to all of you

For some of us its been stolen

Children that should be at home

and for us Christmas is Broken

for the heart has left the home

We wonder what they are doing

we hope they're having fun

but it does not stop us saying

we want our babies home

We try to act all normal

and say we are all ok

but inside our hearts are broken

for our heart has gone away

it left with our children and always will be there

for a mum should be with her children

and for a child there is only one

Let us come together and rejoice

for those who have won and got

the christmas spirit back into their homes

Lets hope the New Year Brings

lots more children coming home

and that we can next christmas

have a heart back in our home

It will not stop us fighting for Justice will be done

and we will fight till we are old and grey

until we have all won,

for my home is just a shell

without my children here

I can not rest till they are here

and my heart is finally home

Love you so much Riley Chandler and Shannon Chandler

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That's a really heartfelt poem and it's generous of you to put it onto the website. I still have my children, unfortunately they live far away but I will see my daughter in February in Mexico!

Happy Christmas, Suex


Thanks Sue we all have our little issues to deal with and we try hard, just thought maybe it was time to share a bit more about me

have a great Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time in February with your Daughter Sue

Helen xx


Helen that was a really heartbreaking poem. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling.

I hope you've managed to get through the day.

I am very sad for you & I feel selfish for feeling the way I do when you are going through life knowing your kids are there but cannot have them

I hope you managed to get through the day, it has felt so long.

Take care.

Luv & Hugs

Jackie xx


What a lovely poem, it really made tears come to my eyes, God Bless you, from Linden.xx


heart rending but you still share hope,

very moving.

sandra x


thanks everyone, its just well that is what half of my depression is linked to and why i dont have anything to get up for or go on for, but i keep fighting it so that one day i can either beat the system and get them home or they will come and find me when they are 18 and that they will then see a happy mum that got on with her life and waited for them, some times its really hard as i am going through court at the moment trying to stop the adoption and their father has decided that in his statements he should just slate me to the max, all of it lies and that has been what has been affecting me so badly the last few weeks, but i went and got help and spoke to the right people and it seems that he is not happy that i have gotten on with life and gotten all the treatment i needed and was i say was cause i was doing really well till the middle of november when his second statement came in and just messed up my head its way of apparently trying to regain the control he had over me, great, so now that i understand that i am able to try and ignore him

Its hard enough fighting the local authority or social services but to have to fight your ex husband as well when we are both meant to love our children dearly is damn unfair and such hard work, he does not want the children he just does not want me to get them back cause he knows how much pain it causes me not to have them

So that is why i wrote my poem for my babies as i was not even allowed to send them a card this year and it was just hurting so thanks for all the lovely comments sorry if this does not make sense i am not going to lie my head is all over the place at the moment I just really Hate Christmas and the month of December as it was my baby boys anniversary on the 11th he would have been 5 and my mums on the 12th lost her 14 years ago , ho hum we must battle on xxxx


hi downandout ..

nice poem ..

have you ever been in controlling relationship .. i have read your replies to one question of a girl asking if she can send a card to her ex ..

can you please share your experience . i liked your advice in that conversation .

i'v been in controlling relationship


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