just a little song for all those on there own

Try to imagine

a house that's not a home

Try to imagine

The Christmas all alone

That's where i'll be since you left me

My tears could melt the snow

What can i do without you?

i've got no place, no place to go

it'll be lonely the Christmas

without you to hold

it'll be lonely this Christmas

lonely and cold

it'll be cold so cold

without you to hold

this Christmas

Each time i remember

the day you went away

and how i would listen

to the things you had to say

i just break down as i look around

and the only thing i see

are emptiness and loneliness

and a unlit Christmas tree

it'll be lonely this Christmas

without you to hold

it'll be lonely the Christmas

lonely and col

it'll be cold so cold

without you to hold

this Christmas

you remember last year

when you and i were here

we never thought there'd be an end

and i remember looking at you then

and i remember thinking

that christmas must have been made for us

cos darling, this is the time of year

that you really, really need love

when it means so very, very much

it'll be lonely this Christmas

without you to hold it'll be lonely this Christmas

lonely and cold

it'll be lonely this Christmas

without you to hold

it'll be lonely this Chirstmas

it'll be cold, so cold

without you to hold

its Christmas

merry Christams darling

wherever you are.


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46 Replies

  • That was by Mudd. Lovely song. x

  • hi there i'm glad you remember, may i ask i've i upset you by putting that song on this site, please i don't mind if you say i shouldn't because someone has, he doesn't think we suffer this all year not just at Christmas many thanks Alan xx

  • Not at all Alan. I love it so thank you for posting it. x

  • hi there many thanks Alan

  • hi there its a song that was in the charts back in the 70's it is not to upset anyone that is suffering with depression i just wrote it, to all those on there own your not forgotten, anyway are you on your own or ever been, wow some people at this time of year think that the worst time for us, what about the rest of the year doesn't that count, this site helps people that suffers with there nerves or depression just to know that someone is remembering something from my past. it cheered me up writing it. sorry if your not one of them Alan

  • Hey Alan such a sad song but true for many who are lonely at this time of year ,and also the homeless which must be truly terrible! So let's show some kindness not only at Christmas but ALL the year!

    I'm lucky not to be alone but I know a couple who are and will be visiting them even for just a short time!!

    How did it go at hospital??

    You will b pleased to know my egg (boiled fried and a yellow mess) has gone now~have read my bin the riot act lol!

    Merry Christmas and you are not alone you have LOADS of mates on here!

    Kath:-) :-) :-)

  • Hey Alan r u OK? Just a bit concerned when you haven't got back to me! Let me know u r OK and not too down ! Or else I ll set my bin after you and you know the damage it can do!!

    Take care mate

    Kath:-) :-)

  • hi Kath i'm fine now i've felt a bit rough this week and couldn't remember what i should have been doing own i was to contact, my head felt like David Beckham had used it for a football and i've been in that much pain with my legs, i've not been sleeping right, i've been up most of the night like last night i didn't get to bed until 6:00am this morning, my depression come and goes that quick i never know where i am from one minutes to the next, and the amount of appointment i've had at hospital i'm losing count, i've just had another one this morning for tuesday about my diabetes check up. and if you think your bin has any chance against me in speed it might be quicker but has for toughness i'll take it on any day. i hope you have a lovely time over the next two weeks will be in touch though out on here take care and a big hug n kiss for you with a bigAl cuddle just for you my friend take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • hi Kath yes its strange how some people only think about the homeless and those on there own at this time of years, i just love that song i find i'm singing thought the year. one thing i do know that you have plenty of friends on here and that stick by you no matter what. my hospital visit went well the tumour is shrinking with every passing week, so that's good news and even better you have said goodbye to your egghead i hope you won't miss him or her, and just a small piece of advice next time pick on some your own size or better still just don't pick s fight with the dustbin again. thank you for the greeting i know i'm not on my own on the site, but like for the last 14 year this is just the same for me. hope you have a lovely time speak to you in between take care big hug n kiss for you from me your friend Alan xx

  • Well luckily I'm not one of those people and neither r u! Good news about the tumour tho pleased you are on the right track! Buy yourself some nice treats for over the holidays and just do whatever you fancy!!

    Take care of yourself and take comfort in the fact you are a decent human being who cares about others !!

    Kath:-) :-)

  • hi Kath many thanks, i think the two best things that i've had is my new car and the treatment for my brain, as for anything else, i'm just know in the mood for treating myself, i would sooner help someone else that needs it and has for what i fancy, wow i could be here for years thinking about that, like you Kath i think of others before myself always have done and always will do. if that's all i can do then that make me happy. your a lovely person as well Kath even though we've never met your word reveal what king of person you are, and that what i love about people like you take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Oh Alan how very kind of you!I'm no one special but always like to think of others and help out if I can! I only wish the world was a kinder place!! Although there are many many good people as well !!

    Gonna have to charge my tablet~running.out of juice!

    But will keep in contact over hols!!

    Kath;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath you are special and have a lovely warm heart, because your like me, yes we never think of ourselves like that but to me your are special because your my friend and that to me means more than all the money in the world. friendship you can never put a price on. you will read this when your fully charged or did you say your tablet haha. same here will keep in touch with you as well take care your friend Always Alan xx

  • Oh Alan your kind words have really touched me shed a little tear ! Yep. I'm a big softie as well!But really appreciate you being so nice!

    Well as you can see my tablet fully charged now ~we have other devices laptops etc but I just like using this the best!

    What have you been up to today?

    I've been to Tesco but not for the Christmas stuff will be leaving that til mid week!

    Probs be a nightmare no doubt!

    Hope all well with you !!

    Take care of yourself! You are a good person with a huge heart mate!

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath i'm sorry in replying late to you post i was out of action as you know but just thought i'd return this post to you take care your friend Alan xx

  • Hey Alan have just read a post on HU to say Alan is in hospital, ~,not sure if its you!Anyways if its not send me a msg to let me know all is well!But if you are I wish you a very speedy recovery!And my best wishes go out to you!

    Kath;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath just returning your post yes it was me haha big hugs Alan xx

  • elvis or mud

  • hi there is was Mud from the 70's, alot of people thought it was Elvis because it just came out after the death of Elvis so many thought it was him, many thanks hope your okish today Alan

  • <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NJ6kJ7GWtv0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Have had this song going through my head the past week as it WILL be lonely this Christmas for me now being on my own, but do you know what, I have chosen to be on my own this year, despite friends offering me to join them. Christmas Day is really just another day to me as have lots of memories of unhappy Christmas's going way back to childhood. I am feeling more in control of things now and somewhat stronger mentally. I will no doubt have a few "moments" over Christmas and New Year thinking of what "might have been" but will not be self pitying and intend to have an "OK" Christmas. I wish everyone as best a time as you can make for YOURSELVES over the coming couple of weeks. Take care. BP PS Mud or Elvis....still a good song.

  • hi there may i say i know you have chosen to by on you own but isn't it nice when you have friends that have invited you to be with them, i know i don't know your history of life and has you have said you have bad memories since you were a kid, but somebody once told me this. YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE PAST, AND TO LEAVE IT WERE IT IS IN THE PAST. you have friends that can make your present day and the years to came to be with them and them with you. has for me the only friends i have in what on this site, my family haven't spoken to me in 14 years, i'll let you into a secret, if i was you i would love to accept there invitation, but its your choice i have no choice but to be on my own. so i hope whatever you do i hope you just think of these word. as for the song it was Mud from the 70's just after Elvis had died it came out and a lot thought it was Elvis. anyway take care my friend speak to you again your new friend Alan

  • Definatley the Elvis version for me. Have a lovely Christmas Barrie - whatever you choose to do. Hope 2016 is happy and healthy for you!!!

    All the best Big Alan.

  • hi there i don't want to upset you but it wasn't Elvis that sung that song it was a group call Mud back in the 70's just after Elvis had died, i hope you haven't been mislead but Elvis never sung this song, but have a lovely time over the holiday period take care speak to you again your new friend (hope so) Alan xx

  • Hi Alan of course I'm not upset!!! Mud did a version of this song and so did Elvis!! Just look it up on U tube. I've got this record on my jukebox as I'm a massive Elvis fan!!

  • hi there well i'm shocked i'm 48 years old and never know Elvis sang that song as well, i'm a big massive fan of Elvis but never know that, i'll look on u tube in a bit, wow they say you always learn something new everyday thank you your friend Alan xx

  • Haha no probs it's a killer version. I just love Elvis, he's a complete one off! Take care x

  • you to speak to you soon Alan xx

  • hi there i've just listened to Elvis singing it and i'm shocked to my boots if very hard to tell them apart well many thanks speak to you again Alan xx

  • Ha I know. I think Mud was the one doing an impersonation of Elvis that's why it's quite hard to tell them apart! Give me Elvis anyday. Take care. X

  • hi there i was shocked but Elvis sounded better, yes i play Elvis in my car where ever i go take care speak to you soon Alan xx

  • Me to x

  • Cheers poppygirl - same sentiments to you also. I'm old enough to remember Elvis in his later performing years, he was a "one off" and will never be emulated - certainly not by some of the "dodgy" Elvis impersonators around the World!

  • I know Barrie he was amazing. Changed the face of music as we know it today. There is nobody past or present like him.

  • Very kind of you! Thanks and happy xmas!

  • hi there its nice to meet you i'm Alan and may i say that your very welcome and seasons greeting to you, i hope you have a lovely time take care speak to you again i hope your new friend Alan xx

  • Thanks Al, your words very meaningful my friend. Take care and keep healthy mate. BP

  • hi there your most welcome and has for the healthy part i'll try, ive got that many illness to cope with plus at the moment i've had a tumour on my brain now for at least three or four weeks to which i'm having treatment for and its leaving my memory which was bad in the first place, making things even harder for me at the moment, but things are picking up. anyway just think what i said you can't change the past but you can do something for the future take care speak to you soon your friend Alan

  • Yes it was Mud , Less Grey the singer with the band died some years back , he wasn't old, in his 50tis , he was ill for a while R I P look up the posts I put on the vidio

  • hi there yes Mud did sing it but i've for the first time in 48 years have just listened to Elvis singing it and you can just tell the difference take care Alan

  • Hi Alan hope you are keeping well as can be just wanted to wish you a lovely Christmas take care love and hugs Paula xxxx

  • hi Paula many thanks some to you, i'm rough at the moment my head feels like David Beckham has used it has a football, plus i've ended up again with a stomach infection, what have i done this year, have i upset someone, its been one of those years where i can't wait to put behind me for every so often something happens. anyway enough of me moaning enjoy your holidays for the next two weeks take care big hug n kiss n cuddle from me to you Alan xxxxxxxx

  • Horrible song

  • hi there many thanks i'm Alan nice to meet you take care x

  • This song is the absolute epitome of everything that's true for many people and not only at Christmas and all because of the media advertising that shows family friends and neighbours of upper middle class meeting and eating huge amounts of fancy foods in front of a warm fire in well heeled luxury home,,,it's all a great big lie,,,,what is real about Christmas,,,,,getting out of bed,,,to breathe he mistin the cold air and dress quickly and thankfully and tracking off yo local family church to remember the greatest gift of all,,,,,that Christ died to make our lives worth living,,,,even to stay behind after the sermon and singing. Then to GIVE a struggling family,,,or a lonely pensioner,,,or disabled person on their own a visit to just remember,,,,healing the hurt inside is best treated when we GIVE OUR TIME AND SMILE AND AHELPING HAND BY BEING A GOOD FRIEND AND DOING IT DEFINATELY MAKESYOU FEEL USEFUL AND THAT IS A PRECIOUS THING TO DO BECAUSEA THANKFUL HEART IS A HOPEFUL HEART

  • hi there your the first person i've spoken to that thinks like i do, but people will be what they want to be, that's the world today, you do have you kind people that are there for you all year round and that's true friends, i know what its like i'm disabled and my family haven't spoken to me for 14 years just after my divorce came though and i'm single on my own but not on this site ive made more friends that have stuck by me and i came out of hospital yesterday after being taken in on friend night after i had a blockage in my lower abdomen but recovering very slowly. yes many people don't even know what Christ has done for mankind. but your words might give some people something to think about. anyway thank you for your lovely words i'm Alan its been lovely speaking to you, hope to speak again take care Alan

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