I'm 19 and have yet to be diagnosed as depressed because, well i don't quite know the reason why. I believe its a number of things, the fact I'm scared to be labelled as depressed, the fact i have to share my feelings and thoughts with a complete stranger or the fact that I'll have to tell the people that love me most that their precious daughter is depressed. I've tried all of the ways that are supposed to "decrease" depression, like eating healthier, exercising and so on yet to no avail, they have not worked. To make matters worse this is slowly creating problems with my studying. i missed two weeks worth of lessons because no matter how hard i tried i couldn't get my body to move from my bed, so today I'm faced with going to college and coming up with some made up excuse to give to my teachers because i know that they will not understand how hard i tried to get out of my bed everyday but i couldn't because of depression.

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  • Hi mystery101, let's grapple with this head on... one question for you to mull over;

    Do you think if you had a broken leg and missed two weeks worth of lessons and then managed to get to college, you'd need to come up with an excuse? A lie, a fantasy, some storey you'd then need to evident?

    Go to college, there are people there you could talk to. Be truthful, give the basics. You don't need to lay all those demons out in one blurb.

    Depression is a mental state of mind. Sometimes your brain is ill - just as the physical aspect of your being is.

    Your brain is 'THE most' complex of structures. Sometimes it works wonderfully; awake 'you' experience - at night 'your brain' processes, sorts and grows.

    However sometimes it gets muddled, sometimes your experiences aren't quite so easily processed or sorted, and YOU are left reflecting upon them - in a continuous cycle. Those are demons, dark muddy thoughts, memories and emotions. Those can sometimes only be processed with two or more brains... which, as hard as it may seem, means talking to others. People you can trust.

    Don't make up any excuses. You'll find most people will understand. We are all only human!

    Chin up.... tell it how it is.

  • H I think your teachers would understand a lot more than you realise. Having a label of depression isn't a mark of shame you know, there must be a counsellor at your college so my advice is to have a chat with them. Sometimes depression goes away on it's own but other times it needs treatment. After all if you broke your leg you wouldn't think twice about seeking treatment would you? This is exactly the same.

    You are an adult and your parents and others don't have to know unless you tell them. I am sure though that they would rather know than be kept in the dark so they can help you through it. But that is your choice of course.

    Go and seek help please. x

  • Hello Mystery

    You really need to see your GP, especially if it is affecting your education and you are not really functioning.

    All I can suggest is that you talk to your Community therapist in the College and get some counselling. Your GP will also be able to arrange some CBT and also arrange some medications so you can proceed through to next term. Also tell your class lecturer that you have not been well and you are seeking advice.

    If you try an sort your problem out now you may be better before any examinations next year. When I was at College I suffered a severe period of depression and the medications where making me disinterested in course subjects as I was unable to concentrate, so you need to get off the medications as soon as you can so you can concentrate in next semester

    Good Luck


  • I actually made a doctors appointment today to get to the bottom of all of this. Thank you for your response

  • How did the appointment go?

  • I haven't had it yet, it's on Monday

  • I have made myself an appointment for Friday morning. I'm not very good at talking and feel like I am failing but need help

  • Hi. I've been in the same situation. if you can, keep eating healthy and exercising. don't let those two slip away. every little effort you make can go a long way

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