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Hey new here just made an account to seek some advice without going to a GP or anything just yet. I've noticed myself slowly getting more depressed over 2 years but over the past 6 months I've been at my worst. I'm usually in a good mood but maybe one day a week I really get down in the dumps feelings worthlessness which stems from my low self esteem, no direction as to where my life's going, my gynecomastia and lack of motivation to do anything it seems :) going back to the past 6 months thing it's in this time that thoughts have got darker I.e. Sometimes suicidial and I've noticed I cry more often.

I get so easily hung up on girls

I don't like spending time with my family much unless say everyone's in the kitchen and I'm making food

Whenever I drink I'm always the one who's most drunk, I smoke weed quite frequently it's the only time i usually get out the house.

Can never seem to get to bed early, my usual sleeping time is 3-5am then I'll wake up at 2-3pm.

Sorry literally just listing things as they come into my head properly have nothing to do with this.

Any opinions or advice would be very much appreciated.

18 by the way.

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  • Time to change things .. Start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Sounds like you need a whole new revamp to your life style .. I would advise to go and see your gp, that would be of help

  • Hi, and welcome to the site. Hopefully we can be of some help :)

    There are definitely some major indicators of clinical depression in what you're saying, especially lack of motivation and suicidal thoughts. I would definitely go to your GP asap.

    The problem that I can see - and I don't in any way mean this as a criticism - is that the drugs and alcohol blurs the picture a bit. They can have some similar effects to depression, and when you mix them with depression it can be difficult to tell what is causing which symptoms. Not to mention alcohol particularly is a depressant in itself, so it will magnify any depression that you have. When you see a GP you need to be honest about use of drugs and alcohol and how much you use - you're 18 so that will be confidential information between you and the doctor.

    In the meantime, I would try and reduce the amount you take. There are good apps out there for measuring and reducing alcohol intake, the NHS drinkaware app is the most common one (I think), but it can be a little simplistic and there are others. Don't have any experience with drugs so can't give you any specific advice there, sorry.

    Hope that's helpful.


  • Hello Chad212 and welcome to our friendly Forum.


  • Thanks guys it's not that i drink really often maybe once a week just whenever I do I always go over the top. Booked an appointment with my gp 1 week waiting time though! Just really interested in what they have to say/do. This has been a massive help just being able to vent my problems, hopefully things only go up from here 🙂 Thanks guys