Staying in new years night

Always have gone out and been one of those drinking having a great time and at 12 kissing and hugging my partner 1st then phone calls to my mum and my kids but this is my 1st new year no partner or mum so going to stay at home I know it will be hard but not as hard as going out and no mum or dell being there what have others done if you you don't go out xxx


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  • I am having a quiet night in, when I was married it wasn't good so now I have so much peace that I would never exchange it. It gets easier all the time so persevere and you will get there.

    All the best in 2017 may happiness n Health be yours.


  • Thank you and you as well

  • Take care.

  • I stay in with my dog .. We watch the celebrations on the telly :) Quiet and Calm til the fireworks start

  • Watched old comedy vids,ate too much dark choc,

    Danced with Mojo my little bichon in the kitchen

    They do a bichon dance,standing on two legs

    Celebration takes many forms

    Find one that makes you feel happier

    Look forward to good things in 2017

    xxx :-)

  • That sounds good Jenny. Pets are fantastic.

    Hannah x

  • Had fifteen at same time

    Six wonderful dogs and nine beautiful cats

    All real characters

    Mojo passed five years ago

    Now have two Maine Coone rescue cats

    Marhaba and Petaluma

  • I don't like New Year, people that you've not seen all year decide to come out the wood work I stopped it years ago. I enjoy the peace and quiet.

    Happy New Year 🥂🥂🍾🍾🥃🥃🍷🍷xx

  • I was going out tonight but don't feel too clever and can't be bothered to wash my hair etc. So am staying in now with my cat and a bottle of Baileys. We will have our own little get together on here and toast the New Year in together. Bev xx

  • You must have someone else to build a new relationship with in a new year , its up to you to make the first step , there are others out there who would be glad of a call

  • We have usually gone to bed early. One year, I remember going out with my dear best friend & her sweet buddy. My friend & I had a bit too much to drink that night & it was an icy night. The buddy wanted to see us home safe. So he propped her up on one side of the car & me on the other & between us slipping & giggling, it was a riot of a time! I miss those days. Simple friendships are wonderful. Romantic relationships muck everything up.

  • I giggled at the slipping and giggling bit xx

  • I hope you are OK. We stayed in as I am pregnant at the mo and feeling icky anyhow. I am getting less inclined to touch alcohol anyway even before even being pregnant. Think it happens as you get older, you just start enjoying the simple things in life..Hope 2017 is better for you x

  • Hey katiekatie congratulations on the baby front when is the little one due.

    Happy New Year x

  • Thank you. I am due in April but have gestational diabetes so spending my life at medical appointments at the hospital and been put on a no sugar, low carbs diet which was sooo difficult over Christmas haha. Happy New Year to you also x

  • I'm diabetic type 2 so I know what you mean low carbs n sugar. I'm not very good. All the best for April 👶🏻🍼 xx

  • Total respect to you and anyone else with permanent diabetes, it's given me a deeper understanding of it that's for sure. I am on metformin at the moment. Sorry I should think before I open my mouth! I guess you get used to it. It's very healthy diet to have. It's just all the glucose monitoring and blood tests that take it out of you. Take care x

  • No need for the respect as I said im not very good with it, I couldn't take metformin didn't agree with me. I'm meant to take my bloods but don't very often but if I was pregnant I would cos got to look after your little bundle, and yes it takes a lot out of you because it's all new to you. Try and rest while you can.

    Take care xx

  • Well happy new year to you all I ended going out in the end my kids were out and saw my sis in a video some one put up on fb she looked fed up so I got dressed and got to pub about 11 well worth it when I saw her face she started to cry she didn't want me being on my own it worked out prob 1 of the best nights out I've had for a long time they say the unplanned normally are the best xx

  • Ah that's fantastic so glad you had a good time and you and your sister had a great time together x

  • Keep talking to people on here, we all support each other

    Keep talking

  • Hi my partner not well we stayed in and watched the London fireworks. Take care.

  • Hi my partner not well we stayed in and watched the London fireworks. Take care.

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