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I think I have Bipolar


Hi, I've lived with depression and severe anxiety for most of my life! Had CBT a number of times but I feel like I'm not being listened to correctly. I have major mood swings, I have a voice in my head that sounds like me and is me but it's not the same me, and they battle each other. I need help! Just been to another assessment via my GP and I've just been discharged and sent for more CBT for a 'top up' even though most details in the assessment were not mentioned in my summary letter. I feel alone almost and I don't know where else to turn now.

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Hi Bethany, I feel the same as you. Been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which I feel is true but is a factor caused by something else such as a personality/mood disorder or even Aspergers. It's so difficult because I feel as if I am not in my own body or mind, I become confused with who I am and what is wrong with me, it's hard to tell if certain things are normal, good assets or negative assets. It feels like I have multiplied into different characters or versions of myself.

Bethany_rachel in reply to Hidden

Everything you just said is exactly the same as me! Honestly! I don't know what to do! :/

Hi there Bethany_rachel

A very warm welcome to our friendly Forum. I 'm so pleased you have found us and I'm sure you'll find our members a great support.


Hello, may I ask, have you seen a consultant psychiatrist?

Bethany_rachel in reply to Fi68

I have but everytime I hear back after my assessment, they never do anything!

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