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Some light

Well,after a rocky few days,I woke up feeling a bit more the old me.Unfortunately, we never know how long these things last, do we ?

So,going to try a few things today what my counsellor suggested, little rescue remedies I call them.I have woke up,some unfortunate souls haven't 😢I am going to try and write a letter about how I feel, she said it would help in addressing my feelings of anger and loss.Can only try

Thankyou to all who helped me on here x I would have had nowhere else to discuss these terrible thoughts over Christmas

Let's hope we all have a productive day 💗 Might even pop out for a tipple later as a reward x

J x

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Good Luck with your coping skills I hope you get out of your circle of doubts, anger and loss.

We are here to give support, if needed


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Thankyou Bob

Will post later, hopefully on a positive note



I hope you are having a good day so far.One thing I find that helps me is writing down all the things I enjoy doing,reading,writingkeep fit,my favourite comedy shows,things that remind me of good times,no matter how small they may be.

We all have good days and bad I guess,and I know it's easier said than done,but try to be strong,and remember:It's good to talk.

Malc :)

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Thanks Malc

Dropped a bit later in the day, only to be expected I suppose....been a long day

Will try the writing of good things as well, see how that goes




You're welcome,hope you've had a better day.



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