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Hi everyone, this is my first post, I have been quite depressed for a while, and recently my GP changed my medication. I was delighted when I began to feel a little lift in my mood, and the strange thing was how I noticed. I was putting something back in the fridge, and I realised it was full of stuff, cheese, veg, juices and so on. Anyway for some reason I got a burst of energy and starting taking things out and cleaning the fridge, I was amazed how much out of date stuff I had there, wasted and I felt guilty, it really brought it home to me how we neglect ourselves and our homes when we are feeling down. Each day I have been doing a few things to catch up with chores, but I do get very tired too. The point I am making is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I am glad to be feeling more like doing stuff here. I live alone and its easy to fall into a rut and not give a damm about self care and housework. So the new me hopefully will emerge like a butterfly I hope.

I have got a lot of help from reading others posts, and I thought I would share this with you.

Love to you all


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  • what a positive blog Hannah! I'm glad your new med is helping. thankyou for sharing. :)


  • Hi Sandra, Thanks for your kind words, I was a bit scared to post this, it was like coming out of a fog for me. Its great to think my blog helped someone. I found this site by accident and really find it good.


  • Hi Hannah, I'm really pleased that you are feeling on the up. I agree, it is very easy not to give a priority to self care and chores. Unfortunatley I'm in that space at the momebt, but it's great to read blogs like this as it gives hope. Fingers crossed, long may your energy and enthusiasm remain - emerge into that butterfly :-). Best wishes. Sue xx

  • Thank you so much Sue, I never thought I would reach this stage. I retired last year and had been finding it really tough, so don't give up and take it just a day at a time, thats what I tried to do. Hugs to you. Hannah

  • So good to hear that someone is on the road to recovery. I feel that I am too and have a much more positive outlook. Unfortunately, my husband had a slight stroke this week and is in hospital but I am coping quite well and very proud of myself, as is my psych and my family. Hope you keep on keeping on Hannah. All the very best.xx

  • Thank you very much, I really hope your husband makes a full recovery too. Its always stressful at the best of times when there is any illness in family, never mind when you suffer from Depression, but you make sure and look after yourself as well now. King regards, and keep in touch.xx

  • thank you for your uplifting words.Today does not seem as negative. X

  • Ah Thank you, and just take one day by day, thats what I am trying at the moment. Kind regards,


  • That`s so good to hear , I think you helped me out back in January , WHEN I DID NOT WANT TO GO ON.Since then I have worked hard to see just the smallest of positives in each day and it seems to be working ..feeling better each day and positive about the future AND I NEVER THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN AGAIN IN JANUARY.

  • Thats great to hear. I suppose we all forget that we can get well, when your Depressed its impossible to see that future. I am glad my post helped in some way, its really just small steps, I met up with two of my friends tonight and had a good time, but walking home I started to wish I could cope like some of my friends do, then I stopped and said. Hannah be thankful for what you have, and made myself a nice cuppa. We should never compare ourselves to others, it just makes you feel worse.

  • Yes, for sure.I always used to look at how others cope or seem to take everything in their stride.For me now it`s a case of I am doing my level best and that`s it -take or leave it!

  • Hi Hannah

    I've just read your blog and it's good to hear you are feeling positive, let's hope it lasts! Best wishes, Suexx

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