Holiday Luncheon

All, today it is my job to host my department's holiday luncheon. I enjoy it because what I enjoy most is helping others and making others happy. It's not for the glory. In fact I hate being pointed out. Not being able to host a family get together is probably what is killing me most this year. Anyhow, I'd like each of you to join my luncheon (virtually) and let us celebrate together. Now I want each of you to come however makes you feel best. You need not leave your home. Wear your pajamas you've been in for a week. We'll keep the room quiet & dark or bright and loud, whatever suits you. We play a game of Chinese Pollyanna (Dirty Santa, White Elephant). Play if you like. What would you like for your holiday feast? What gift would you bring if you play? What gift would you like? All are welcome at this table.


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7 Replies

  • We are having a quiet Christmas this year, we will be reading books out of our library of where we have been this year.

    Yes I will pop into your Party every now and then we I get sick of study for several courses I will be taking in 2017.

    Merry Christmas


  • Wonderful! I shall leave a stack of books next to a comfy chair with a gentle reading light, just for you!

  • I will come if I have a firm seat with arms so I can get up a little easier and I will bring a blanket for me and my small dog to share .. He has to come with me of course being my trusted companion and best friend you understand

  • Absolutely! For you a comfy recliber with a lift seat, with room enough for your doggie. There will be dog treats at the table, as well!

  • Hi Alice I will be coming too with my cat Luna, now I hope it gets on ok with Satsumas dog. 🎉🎉. I will bring some Mince Pies and some Xmas music.

    O Holy Night . Little drummer boy. Fairytale of New York. White Christmas.

    Thanks for invite and I hope everyone comes to the lunch.


  • That is wonderful! Yes, your lityle kitty will rub up against Satsuma's puppy. Her puppy will give Luna a big lick on her face. The music is petfect!!

  • My dog is loving it and has loved the kitty .. He enjoyed his treats .. The recliner so comfy too .. I am glad I brought my blanket although I know you have a plentiful supply .. Ring a ding ding goes my bell .. And oh I brought my tambourine to shake to the beat of the tunes .. Anyone wanna go ?