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I hope you guys are doing great today. I’m proud of each and everyone of you guys.

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I just wanted to share some kind words and hopefully make some of your guys day/night better! Just remember that anything you’re going through will soon come to an end you just have to be strong!

My messages are always open if any of you want to vent out or talk to me about something I will listen and give advice to the best of my ability.

I too suffer with many mental health problems but being nice and helping others is what makes me happy.

I love each and everyone of you guys! You guys are strong

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Thank you Guitarsrcool! What a nice post. You brightened up my evening. :)

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Guitarsrcool in reply to Stippler

That makes me happy! I’m really glad I was able to make your evening better:)

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Thanks for your kind words, you are right about kindness it cost nothing to be nice or to share as Jesus said ( I give you a new command to love each other as I love you). It is even better if we have the same problems. My messenger is open if you need to vent or just chat. God bless you for your kind words.

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yup! being nice helps others and it doesn’t cost a dime to be nice. it’s just about being positive and caring about yourself :) enjoy your day/night wherever you are, remember you’re loved

Thank you. Needed this. Was just crying because my anxiety was too much and nobody understood. Thank you for your words

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hey man, things will definitely get better. remember anxiety doesn’t last forever just relax, play some of your favorite music, take some deep breaths and close your eyes. even if it’s for a minute or two it’ll definitely help your mind relax and put itself at ease. an album id recommend listening to is The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd.

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Against_the_current in reply to Guitarsrcool

Thanks. Hope the same with you. Have to check them up. Recently loving me some alt rock. Obsessed with Linkin Park's new song, it means so much and with Three Days Grace album Human.

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