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Xmas thoughts

Hi , I,m wishing everyone a calm and healthy Christmas , this time of year is so hard , puts pressure on people to. Be happy , those that are alone ,depressed , sad , believed , anxious or Ill may struggle even more ..I know I do Christmases a fraught with problems and am trying to be mindful and live each day counting my blessings but feel anxious , and like I dance to a different beat to most of the country ....already demands have been very trying , my son is autistic and has a brain injury and hates routine changes , he becomes more challenging and abusive and I,m exhausted with it all nerves are in shreds the rest of my family have families that gather ,.have fun and joy Christmas Day mine will be tense and very difficult .....

So I wanted to send my love and best wishes to all on here who will struggle over Xmas are not alone and we will all get through it ....

Virginia xx

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Thanks Virginia

I wish you all the very best also.

It'll not be easy for many people.

Christmas isn't the same these days, there is way to ouch pressure. It's too commercialised and has lost its true purpose. It's not about love friendship and family warmth. It's about who got what from who...

"A gift consists not of what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer".

Keep well and sinply enjoy it how you think it is best for you and yours.


Hello, Virginia. Xmas increases the happiness of those who are already happy but it also increases the misery of those who are sad. The tears are pouring down my face as I write.We all have our own reasons for not being able to be happy. I'm sure that if we --the sad ones--could all be together, much of our depression and anxiety would melt away. We would talk, understand and comfort one another. This site is the nearest thing we can get to that impossible goal. Communicating with others who also suffer is the best therapy we can get. It's not a magic wand but it brings a kind of relief and I am so glad I found you all. Expressing our feelings--even just in print-- is so beneficial especially when we know we are "talking to" people who really understand because of their own experiences.

We have to soldier on and try very hard to enjoy any good things in our lives. It's anything but easy but none of us is really alone and, after a good cry, comes a kind of peace. I wish that peace for


Wonder ful sentiments, this forum with people like you keep me going every day


Hi Virginia thanks for your lovely Xmas wishes, my heart goes out to you

With your son, that must be very hard for you, especially if he gets abusive.

Do you have help with his care? Or do you get a break from him at all, I'm always

Around if you want a chat or to have a moan or a laugh either.

Please take care of yourself and I guess take it day by day.

Warm hugs



Hi , my son is in a supported flat but I am working hard with those that care for him to get his care right as he is so oppositional . Taking things a day at a time and trying not to think too much ...things could be so much worse . Thanks for the response peeps xx


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